Marketing Your HydroWorx Pool to Referral Sources

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Creativity in capturing market share is necessary for every entrepreneur, including physical therapy clinic owners.  HydroWorx customers have chosen the path of differentiation and distinction to propel their practices ahead of the rest. They’ve invested in state-of-the-art technology which will, in turn, help their clients heal. Receiving referrals from a network of providers is one […]

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How the UFC is Using Hydrotherapy for Training Elite Athletes

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Seventeen years ago, with one room, a desk and a phone, Dana White started a small business in the Nevada dessert.  He was led by his passion for Mixed Martial Arts—the extreme combat sport in which contestants use wrestling, boxing, kickboxing, judo and karate to bring an opponent into submission. What White named the “Ultimate […]

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Major Car Accident Victim Saw Remarkable Progress with Aquatic Therapy

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An interview with Keith McCrate, PT, Director of Therapy, Presbyterian Village North(PVN), Dallas TX HydroWorx (HW):     Tell us about a patient that has benefitted from aquatic therapy and your HydroWorx pool: Keith McGrate (KM): A patient came to us recently who had been involved in a major car crash. She was in her 60s, […]

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Increasing Range of Motion After Double Knee Replacement

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In the United States alone, over 600,000 knee replacements are performed each year, mostly among adults age 65+, but at increasingly younger ages also.  Following a knee replacement surgery, patients endure months of physical therapy in order to properly recover from the procedure. Georgia Physical Therapy, a prominent advocate for aquatic therapy, constantly helps patients […]

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Providing Hope After Being Wheelchair Bound for 7 Years

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The following blog post has been summarized from the recent article, “From Wading to Walking” by Scott Wesche, DPT, and Samantha Fleming, PTA featured  in Rehab Management. Jane could no longer walk or do common daily tasks after a traumatic car accident severely damaged her brain.  Over time she was able to regain muscle control […]

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Combatting Drop Foot with Aquatic Therapy

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Irene knew she was in the right place as soon as she walked into the doors of Georgia Physical Therapy. After developing drop foot as a result of excessive walking, she constantly had back pain,  to the point that it affected her everyday life. Drop foot, a general term for difficulty lifting the front of […]

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Last University of Minnesota Spring Football Season Without Advanced Hydrotherapy Onsite

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The University of Minnesota is creating a brand new athletic complex, which will incorporate the use of HydroWorx technology. The exciting project known as the Athlete’s Village opens in 2018 and spans to offer student athletes from all rosters. As the school year comes to end, ice hockey nears its end, football once again reigns. […]

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Easing Joint Replacement Patients Into Physical Therapy With Aquatics

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With the United States currently experiencing considerable growth in the 65 and older population, more replacement surgeries are being performed every year as a result of aging. In addition to the older population, people in younger age groups may require surgeries as a result of work or sport-related injuries. Whether they are knee, shoulder, ankle or hip […]

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Choosing Physical Therapy Instead of Surgery After Partial ACL Tear

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A simple jump stop or sudden change of direction can trigger an ACL injury. The athlete immediately has several thoughts including, “Why did this happen to me? Do I need surgery? When can I play sports again? Am I at risk of this happening again?” However, the hardest question for a clinician to answer is “When and […]

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Extensive Benefits of Aquatic Therapy During Pregnancy

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Aquatic therapy can have great benefits for pregnant women. Every woman has a different experience during pregnancy and many women even have radically different experiences each time they’re pregnant. The most common pregnancy symptoms, such as fatigue and body aches, can be managed with hydrotherapy. A woman’s body endures many changes during pregnancy, the effects of […]

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