HydroWorx 200

The HydroWorx 200 is made for small spaces and existing facilities. Designed specifically for rehabilitation, the HydroWorx 200 utilizes warm water and our renown underwater treadmill technology to give facilities a competitive advantage that delivers superior outcomes for patients. If you’ve always wanted to offer aquatic therapy but never had the space or budget, the HydroWorx 200 is the product for you fitting into a compact 100 square feet and fitting through a standard 36” door.

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Features & Benefits

Variable Speed Underwater Treadmill
  • The integrated water treadmill surface has a cushioned low-impact design with excellent traction
  • Treadmill speeds increase smoothly from 0.1 to 6 mph in safe .1 mph increments
  • Useful for gait training and sport specific activities
Adjustable Water Depth from 1”-50”
  • Quickly add or remove water to attain pool depths ranging from 1″ to 50” with the touch of a button
  • Easily change water depth to challenge athletes or progress patients from water to land
Resistance Jet With Therapeutic Massage Hose
  • A resistance jet is essential for water therapy, rehabilitation, sports performance training or deep tissue massage
  • The jet has a wide range of water speeds and directional configurations
Adjustable 7” Touch Screen User Controls
  • All functions are controlled via a pool mounted water-resistant panel with intuitive touch screen interface
Standard Platform
  • 8” tall x 35” square back platform provides safe access to the underwater treadmill chamber
Customized Platforms Available: (Optional Upgrade)
  • Side Platform 24” wide x 98” long
  • Ramp Platform for easy wheelchair access
  • HydroWorx products are made with superior strength and durability
  • First-year parts and labor warranty
  • Five-year structural warranty
  • Extended warranty and service plans are available
Start-Up and In-Service Training
  • Comprehensive product training, reimbursement, and marketing guidance provided

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Design and Install Guide

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What are the unique features of the HydroWorx 200 units?

Adjustable Water Depth From 1″-50″

Quickly add, remove or adjust water levels to attain the optimal water depth for patients. Depths range from 1″ to 50” with the touch of a button

Variable Speed Underwater Treadmill

The variable speed treadmill, which smoothly increases from 0 to 6 mph in safe .1 mph increments, has a cushioned low-impact design with excellent traction.

Resistance Jets With Massage Hose

A resistance jet is essential for sports performance training, therapy protocols, swimming or deep tissue massage. The jet has nearly 200 different water speeds to choose from.


Requiring a small footprint of only 100 sq ft.

What are a few advantages the HydroWorx 200 technology provides?

Compared to land-based unweighting treadmills, the 300 offers the same functionality but with the additional benefits of warm water therapy such as buoyancy, the relaxing effect of warm water on muscles and joints, the strengthening benefits of additional resistance and hydrostatic pressure to reduce swelling and promote healing. In addition, the 200 allows you to move and rotate freely with plenty of space to execute multi-planar activities such as forward and backwards walking or running, side shuffle and karaoke.

The completely integrated underwater treadmill (speeds from 0 to 6 mph) allows for correct simulation of land-based biomechanics. Sports specific exercises such as sprinting, marching, back-pedaling, shuffling, lateral braiding steps and plyometric activities are especially effective when performed on an underwater treadmill.

The adjustable 7” touch screen panel controls all functions of the 200. This gives the athletic trainer, physical therapist, athlete or patient complete control from inside or outside the tank during treatment or conditioning sessions.

What are dimensions of the treadmill?

The standard unit walking belt is 19″ x 42.”

How long does it take to fill and empty the trainer tank?

Three minutes and thirty seconds or less, depending on the length of plumbing runs between the equipment.