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Warm or Cold Water Therapy

Setting the standard in plunge recovery, our acrylic Classic™ plunge pool are ideal for athletic training rooms, fitness facilities or locker rooms. HydroWorx’s commercial cold plunge pools keep water temperatures at a therapeutic 50° to help control joint inflammation and enhance muscle recovery. HydroWorx’s hot pools are equipped with thermal heating units to distribute warm or hot water (94° — 104°) to relax tight muscles and stimulate the release of endorphins. Powerful massage hoses easily attach for specific deep tissue therapy.

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Rehab Pools Designed for Flexibility:
  • Choose from three size configurations (7’6″ x 7’6″, 7’6″ x 9′, and 7’6″ x 14′)
  • Place the hot and cold pools together in cold, warm or hot format to promote rapid muscle recovery and maximum convenience
Chiller System:
  • The polar chiller systems in our cold water plunge pools consistently keep water temperatures at a therapeutic 50 degrees to help control joint inflammation and enhance muscle recovery
  • The chiller unit size is determined by pool model selected
  • HydroWorx cold plunge pools utilize water-cooled chiller systems
Resistance Therapy Jet with Massage Hose (Optional Upgrade):
  • A resistance jet is essential for cold pool therapy, rehabilitation, sports performance training, swimming or deep tissue massage
  • The jet has a wide range of water speeds and directional configurations
Spa Jets:
  • Strategically designed resistance jets are positioned to hit trigger point patterns for a soothing massage
  • Spa jets come in packages of six, nine & fourteen
Water Quality System:
  • Each cold pool therapy system comes with a self contained and fully automated equipment pack that filtrates and circulates the water
  • HydroWorx products are made with superior strength and durability
  • First-year parts and labor warranty
  • Five-year structural warranty
  • Extended warranty and service plans are available
Technology Upgrades Available

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Classic Plunges
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What do hot and cold plunge pools have to offer?

Injury Prevention

One of the best ways to prevent injuries such as muscle pulls, strains, etc. is to relax tight muscles prior to rigorous activity. The hot pool temperature ranges from 94 degrees to 106 degrees, which raises body temperature, increases circulation and stimulates the release of endorphins. Water also creates buoyancy, reducing body weight and relieving pressure from muscles and joints.

Cold Therapy

Cold pool therapy (water 50 degrees) helps control joint inflammation and enhances muscle recovery.

Strategic Jets

Strategic jets can be positioned in any format including trigger point patterns for a soothing massage. Powerful massage hoses easily attach for specific deep tissue therapy.

Versatile Installation

The HydroWorx hot and cold pools can be installed in ground, partially above ground and above ground.

Variable Water Temperature

A fully automated, state-of-the-art-heating unit provides variable water temperature for treatment of a wide spectrum of rehabilitation conditions. Electric or gas heaters are available.

Commercial Filtration System

State-of-the-art filtration and water chemistry system filters and purifies the HydroWorx pool automatically.

How many people do the plunge pools accommodate?

Each of the three models operates as a multi-person (4-10) therapy pool and they are ideal for locker rooms, athletic training centers, or fitness facilities. With four size configurations to choose from, the hot and cold pools can be placed together in a cold, warm or hot format to promote rapid recovery and maximum convenience.

Pool Sizes:

  • 7’6″ x 7’6″
  • 9′ x 7’6″
  • 14′ x 7’6″

Who are a few of your Plunge pool customers?

  • Philadelphia Eagles
  • Philadelphia Flyers
  • Philadelphia Phillies
  • Cincinnati Bengals
  • University of Arizona
  • San Antonio Spurs
  • Texas A & M
  • University of Connecticut
  • Detroit Lions
  • San Diego Padres
  • Texas Tech
  • Ottawa Senators
  • Colorado Avalanche Organization

Our clientSuccesses

Read More Success Stories

Not only is this pool an impressive visual in our clinic, it allows us to reach all of our patients more effectively — from athletes to geriatrics and pediatrics. I became a therapist to help people move. And there is no better way to do this than in a HydroWorx pool.

The Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Institute Weldon Russo, Director

We’ve had remarkable success stories from various individuals including Major League Soccer players returning to play months earlier than expected and crediting that in large part to their use of the HydroWorx 2000 underwater treadmill.

Fortius Sport & Health Caleb Cousens, Online Marketing Coordinator

Investing in high-quality equipment and the associated implementation costs may seem daunting, but when these state-of-the-art tools help build our business, brand us as the facility of choice in our communities and increase the scope of our operations, they are investments worthy of a deep dive.

Clear Choice Health Care Geoff Fraser, Senior Vice President of Operations

"HydroWorx allows us to return players to training in a much better physical condition than if we did not have it. For example, the integrated underwater treadmill and resistance jets allows us to work specific running drills performed on the field much earlier for our typical injuries such as ankle ligament sprains, knee ligament sprains and fractures.”

Manchester United FC Neil Hough, Head Physiotherapist

Our statistics thus far show 28% increase in center of gravity, 37% in lower body strength, and 19% of clients moved out of fall risk category. We will continue to use FallProof H2O and the HydroWorx 1200 Series, as we are getting great results and the best part of all, our participants love it too!

Lakeview Village Jackie Halbin, Living Well Manager

When considering return to sport, the difference between a normal swimming pool and a HydroWorx is half [when compared to land rehabilitation]. It is a 20 – 25% improvement from getting a player back from a typical ankle, knee or muscle injury.

West Bromwich Albion FC Dr. Mark Gillett, Head of Performance

Our HydroWorx pool gives our patients a great way to exercise without pain. By using aquatic therapy with an underwater treadmill, they can oftentimes return faster to the sports and activities they love doing earlier than they would be able to with land-based therapy alone.

OrthoCarolina Cheryl Bennett, Aquatic Therapist

"The HydroWorx pools are the highlight of our new Sports Medicine Center! We are now able to get people healthier and back to play quicker and stronger than ever before!"

Butler University Ryan Galloy, Director of Sports Medicine

The HydroWorx pools allows us to provide the best care possible for our athletes by giving us a tool to unload body weight while still allowing them to get work done whether it be a cardio or a rehab session. The pools play a big role in their recovery from sore muscles to major surgeries.

University of Utah Katherine Lorens, Assistant Athletic Trainer

Overall, we have far exceeded our volume and revenue projections. Many local physicians want aquatic therapy as part of the treatment plan for their patients. The physicians have a lot of trust in us. Every single day we have patients in the pool — sometimes it’s been booked to capacity. We do more volume than any other therapy provider in a two-county region.

Cox Monett Clinic Kevin Norris Rehab Manager

Besides a clinician’s manual skills a HydroWorx pool is the best tool you can have in your facility, period!! Its versatility is unmatched with the ability to effectively and efficiently treat any type of orthopedic condition.

Georgia PT & Sports Medicine Chad Luth, Owner

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Hot Plunge

How Much Does A HydroWorx Cost?

Revitalize Muscles with Warm Water Therapy

These warm water aquatic therapy plunge pools are filled with innovations designed to create an environment ideal for muscle recovery and revitalization. HydroWorx’s hot pools are equipped with thermal heating units to distribute warm or hot water (94° — 104°) to relax tight muscles and stimulate the release of endorphins. Powerful massage hoses easily attach for specific deep tissue therapy.

Hot pool therapy heats muscle and tissue to increase circulation and restore blood flow to the body. The warmth of the water promotes a transient reduction in joint stiffness, pain and muscle spasms. It can also help to reduce inflammation. The typical temperature of a hot pool ranges from 94° — 104° to relax tight muscles and stimulate the release of endorphins. HydroWorx hot pool models also come with an attachable massage hose to offer a deep penetrating massage to sore areas of the body, further enhancing muscle recovery.

“Getting your neuromuscular and endocrine systems regenerated can steepen the dose-response relationship to the training. Passive recovery is certainly important, but ‘active’ recovery techniques using HydroWorx are catalyzing our regeneration timelines.” — Lance Walker, Director of Performance at Michael Johnson Performance.

Clinical Benefits of Hot Water Therapy

Clinical studies supporting the benefits of aquatics are ample, and we have listed many relevant examples on our Research & Education page. A number of studies have looked specifically at the benefits of exercise in a hot water environment and found equally encouraging results.

A 1996 study of older adults found clinically significant range of motion improvements in the shoulders and hips, increased shoulder and quadriceps strength, and improved walking speed. The study — which involved 24 sessions in a 94°F therapeutic pool, held over a period of 12 weeks — concluded that the exercise led to “significant improvements in reported pain and in social function” (Activities, Adaptation & Aging. 1996; 20(3): 75-85).

A more recent case study of a 33 year old woman with multiple sclerosis found that regular aquatics in a 94°F therapy pool was “associated with the improvement in functional abilities.” The patient was monitored for body temperature, heart rate and other factors, and found no instances of heat or fatigue as a result of exercise in the hot water environment (Physical Therapy. 2001 April; 81(4): 1049-1058).

You can find out more about the benefits of a hot pool by ordering your free information kit today. We also offer regular product demos in locations around the country. Contact HydroWorx today to reserve your spot at an upcoming session.


Revitalize Muscles with Cold Water Therapy

The PolarPlunge line of HydroWorx pools offers clinicians the ability to provide cold water therapy to their athletes. Proven to offer a number of benefits — particularly when alternated with hot water therapy — PolarPlunge pools are an excellent addition to any athletic facility.

These cold water aquatic therapy pools are filled with innovations designed to create the ultimate muscle recovery and revitalizing environment. HydroWorx’s cold plunge pools keep water temperatures at a therapeutic 50° to help control joint inflammation and enhance muscle recovery. Strategic jets can be positioned in any format including trigger point patterns for a soothing therapeutic massage. Powerful massage hoses easily attach for specific deep tissue therapy.

The PolarPlunge at a Glance

The HydroWorx PolarPlunge pool is:

Who Uses PolarPlunge Pools?

HydroWorx PolarPlunge pools can be found in the athletic training rooms of some of today’s top sports teams, including the Philadelphia Phillies, the Detroit Lions and the Ottawa Senators. Read more — and hear testimonials from some of our satisfied client — by visiting our Customer Profiles page today.

Clinical Benefits of Cold Plunge Pool Therapy

The benefits of a cold plunge pool, both for physical therapy and athletic training, have been well documented. Physical Therapist Cara Konlian writes in the Journal of Orthopaedic Nursing that, during aquatic therapy, “the temperature of the water can be one of the most important factors in facilitating progress.” (January/February 1999).

In a study of high-performance junior male soccer players, researchers at the South Australian Sports Institute found cold water immersion reduces “the perception of general fatigue and leg soreness between matches in tournaments” (J Sports Sci. 2009 Apr; 27(6): 565-7).

Positive outcomes have also been reported from treatment that alternates between hot and cold pool therapy. A study by the Australian Institute of Sport concluded that contrast water therapy “seems to be effective in reducing and improving the recovery of functional deficiencies that result from DOMS [delayed onset muscle soreness]” (J Strength Cond Res. 2007 Aug; 21(3): 697-702).

“The contrasting is very time efficient taking less than 10 minutes to fully complete a 2:1 or 1:1 cycle of hot:cold immersion with massage. With contrasting, the CNS/ANS is recovering faster and more completely. The athletes are back the next session with higher functioning levels of neuromuscular firing and a reduction in ‘wasted’ training sessions due to staleness or effects of overtraining — which is usually a result of ‘under recovering’.” — Lance Walker, Director of Performance at Michael Johnson Performance.

benefits of contrasting hot and cold plunge therapy