National Alzheimer’s Awareness Month

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November is a month where we start to feel the holiday season upon us. We start thinking about Thanksgiving turkey, gathering with family, and the things for which we are thankful in our lives. It is important to remember that there is more to the month of November beyond the Thanksgiving Day turkey. November is […]

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Lance Walker: Athlete Recovery and Readiness to Return to Sport

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We were honored to provide a webinar on Athlete Recovery and Readiness to Return to Sport that was presented by Lance Walker of Michael Johnson Performance. Lance has been treating athletes worldwide for 20+ years and he shared some insight that he has gained throughout the years on helping an athlete recover and prepare to […]

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Positive Effects of Water Therapy on PTSD

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On this veterans day, we want to take some time to thank the men and women who have served our country and pay our respects to the ones who made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. We know that so many veterans suffer from varying levels of PTSD and we want you to know that […]

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National Physical Therapy Month

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The month of October is National Physical Therapy month which means that physical therapists across the country take time to recognize and raise awareness about the benefits of physical therapy. Many of these physical therapists utilize aquatic therapy to treat their patients and we appreciate all of the physical therapists who choose to use HydroWorx […]

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Facility Spotlight: Fyzical Cincinnati

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We are excited to shine our facility spotlight on Fyzical Cincinnati, formerly known as Howell Rehab. Alan Howell, owner, has been a long time HydroWorx customer and has used several of our products ranging from the HydroWorx 2000  to the EVO . Alan said that he learned about the healing properties of water while working with […]

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Facility Spotlight: Fuller Physical Therapy

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Fuller Physical Therapy currently provides outpatient therapy via six clinics to rural communities in Kentucky. Fuller PT offers many different modalities to help with pain management and mobility. Fuller PT didn’t start out this large, in fact, Chris started in a home office, treating primarily workers’ compensation patients who needed appointments after hours or on […]

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Aquatic Therapy Benefits for Active Aging Seniors

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Aquatic therapy is one form of treatment we see physical therapists embracing and adapting to their patient’s plan of care with great outcomes and satisfaction.  Aquatic therapy offers a unique opportunity to place therapy patients in a safe, comfortable environment that challenges patients while minimizing their pain, soreness, and swelling.  Although aquatic therapy has been […]

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Doug Boersma: Return to Play of an Injured Athlete

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Our Spring Sports Medicine CEU Program concluded with Doug Boersma of Purdue University sharing a great case study, sage advice, and a behind-the-scenes look into the successful case study. Doug is the Director of Performance and Sports Medicine as well as the Associate Athletic Director at Purdue. Doug has spent his career treating injured athletes […]

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Webinar Recap: Utilizing Aquatic Therapy for Bankart Rehabilitation

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As part of the Spring Sports Medicine CEU program, Jeremy Braziel (Athletic Trainer at the Shoulder Center of Arkansas) presented on utilizing aquatic therapy for treating patients who are recovering from shoulder injuries. Jeremy shared information on the management of labral injuries, the benefits of the aquatic environment, specific aquatic exercises for shoulder injuries and […]

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Nick Held: Practical Considerations to Optimize Aquatic Treadmill Training

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Nick Held was one of many athletic trainers that participated as a presenter for our Spring Sports Medicine CEU program. Nick Held is the Research and Development Manager at HydraAthletics  (Ontario, Canada) and he has worked on research projects regarding aquatic treadmill training with several of the athletes that he treats. Nick started working with […]

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