Customer Spotlight Blog: Kekoa Nui Kennels

| Posted in: Veterinary, Facility Spotlight, Aquatic Therapy

Customer: Kekoa Nui Kennels, Hilo, Hawaii We’re thrilled to introduce the first HydroWorx K900 customer in Hawaii. Kekoa Nui Kennels in Hilo, Hawaii is the first in the state to offer HydroWorx hydrotherapy for veterinary patients.  The Keola Nui Kennel team decided to team up with Kimi Ross, DVM, CCRT at Yoshiko Vet Rehab to […]

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Marketing Your Aquatic Therapy Services 101

| Posted in: Marketing Ideas, Physical Therapy

14 Best practices for spreading the word about your new service Congratulations! You’ve decided to add aquatic therapy to your toolbox–now it’s time to spread the word. In this blog we’ll cover 14 ways to generate awareness, and drive appointment bookings for your new aquatic therapy program. Driving Clinician Referrals Aquatic therapy programs are unique […]

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5 Tools For Veterinary Underwater Treadmills

| Posted in: Veterinary, Aquatic Education

The key to successful physical rehabilitation is a mutli-modal approach to care. In this blog we’ll review 5 tools that pair well with hydrotherapy.

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10 Trends in Veterinary Rehabilitation

| Posted in: Veterinary, News Stories

Just like with humans, rehabilitation is not just for post-surgical care. In this blog we’ll explore 10 must-know trends in veterinary rehabilitation.

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5 Popular Hydrotherapy Pool Pairings for Athletic Facilities

| Posted in: Aquatic Therapy, Athletic Training

1: HydroWorx 750 & Classic Plunges What we love: The 750 offers an optional deep well for additional rehab exercises beyond what can be completed with the multiple floor levels and standard underwater treadmill. Our Classic plunges come in three size configurations and can be set to hot or cold. These two pools create a […]

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Patient Case Study: Functional Quadriplegic Walks Again After Aquatic Therapy

| Posted in: Senior Living Communities, Physical Therapy

When Keith McCrate, PT began the process of developing an aquatic therapy program for his team, he admittedly was not enthused, stating, “I had to be pulled into this hydrotherapy kicking and screaming…” However, in the same interview, he also passionately claimed he would absolutely recommend a pool to a friend or colleague. “We’ve seen […]

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Staff Spotlight: Marlin Yohn, HydroWorx Engineering Manager

| Posted in: Life at HydroWorx

I joined the HydroWorx team because I believe that our products make the world a better place by helping 10s of thousands of individuals every day to achieve better wellness. Marlin Yohn, HydroWorx Engineering Manager Many of the innovations over our 25-year history wouldn’t have been possible without Marlin Yohn, HydroWorx Engineering Manager. Marlin has […]

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Facility Spotlight: Colorado State University

| Posted in: Facility Spotlight, Athletic Training

Colorado State University in Fort Collins, CO was originally founded as the “Colorado Agricultural College” in 1870 and is now among the nation’s leading research universities. Not only does this school have a great deal to offer in terms of academics and extra-curricular activities, but it is located in an amazing part of the country. […]

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How to Set Up Your Hydrotherapy Space

| Posted in: Aquatic Therapy

Where should a physical therapy clinic place a hydrotherapy unit? How should I design my aquatic therapy room? How can I make my hydrotherapy room comfortable for patients and athletes? Many of our customers also had these questions before they added hydrotherapy to their facilities. Below are examples of hydrotherapy room designs to share ideas […]

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Spring Training: ATs Discuss the Role of Hydrotherapy

| Posted in: Aquatic Therapy, Athletic Training, Sports Stories

Spring Training has been a baseball ritual for nearly 130 years, almost as old as baseball itself. It gives new players an opportunity to compete for a coveted spot on the team’s roster and lets established players hone their skills before the season opener. For these athletes, Spring Training is all about performance. A quick […]

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