Increase Medicare Revenue with Aquatic Therapy

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The following blog post has been summarized from the recent article, “Expanding Medicare With Aquatic Therapy,” written by David Panteleakos, administrator for Westview Health Care Center in Dayville, CT and published on December 17, 2015 online for Provider Magazine. Senior-focused health care centers such as skilled nursing centers must continue to grow and expand their revenue in this increasingly competitive market. When […]

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Early Post-Op Aquatic Therapy Can Be Key to Avoiding Psychological Barriers to Recovery

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Every physical therapist will admit that there is a psychological component to patient success when it comes to returning to activity after surgery. Patients with a positive outlook and experience will exhibit more willingness to push themselves than those who have a pessimistic approach to physical and occupational therapy. One of the main barriers to […]

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Torn Hamstring Case Study

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Robert (Bob) Bowles, age 71, is the Administrator at Saluda Nursing Center in Saluda, SC. Bob is a University of South Carolina alumnus and during a tour of their athletic facilities Bob discovered the HydroWorx 2000 Series pool.  He immediately saw the potential impact it could have for his residents and decided to implement the same technology in […]

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Low-Impact Activity Can Help Reduce Sarcopenia and Risk of Fractures

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Sarcopenia is the technical term for what most of us refer to as muscle loss. Individuals over 40 may start to experience this phenomenon, and many will simply assume it’s a natural part of the aging process. Surprisingly, it’s not. As a recent article from the well-respected Andrews Institute explains, muscle loss is not something […]

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Aquatic Therapy Aids in Weight Loss for Patients

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Although obesity is becoming an epidemic in the United States, many people do not look to physical therapy as their first option for weight loss and getting healthy. Certainly lifestyle changes such as exercise and diet are typically the first ways to try and manage weight. Get exercise protocols for many conditions in the video library>> […]

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For Young Athletes, Aquatics Can Offer Injury Prevention and Intervention

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At this time of year, many young athletes are eagerly involved in training for their preferred sports. Baseball players are hitting the field, track and field stars are increasing their stamina and soccer enthusiasts are earnestly working on their skills. Most middle and high school students, as well as those in college, have a commonly-shared belief […]

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The Jags Show Off Their Hydrotherapy Facility

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For Jacksonville, Florida, football fans, EverBank Field is a shining reminder of the team that has made its place as, not only part of the NFL, but as a thriving member of the local community. Since the inception of the Jacksonville Jaguars in the mid-1990s, the players and staff have done their best to be […]

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Value Added Through Aquatic Therapy

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The following blog post has been summarized from the recent article, “Adding Value Through Aquatic Therapy,” written by Bob Bowles and Diana Perez, PRT, DPT, from Saluda Nursing & Rehab Center and Evergreen Rehab in Saluda, SC and published on March 23, 2016 on McKnight’s website. In today’s age, competition within senior facilities is extremely high which faces executives […]

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Water Exercise Helps Patients Reduce Need for Opiates

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The statistics are sobering: According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), about 40 people die each day in the United States directly related to overdosing on pharmaceutical painkiller overdoses. That number doesn’t include the millions of Americans who regularly abuse prescription opiates. These figures have led the CDC to issue new guidelines […]

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4 Underwater Running Truths Every Track Athlete Should Know

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4 Underwater Running Truths Every Track Athlete Should Know The track and field season is starting at a fast, furious gait and athletes from around the world will compete for personal, school, state and national fame. Those who want to reach their potentials may want to follow in the footsteps of those who have come […]

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