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Create a Noticeable Difference in Your Residents’ Well-Being

By offering HydroWorx technology within your facility’s wellness program, you are helping your residents become more active, healthy, and independent, thus increasing their lengths of stay within assisted and independent types of living. 

HydroWorx senior center therapy pools will help improve balance to reduce resident falls within your organization. Assisted living therapy pools also allow active residents the opportunity to continue to exercise with less pain, improve everyday activities for sedentary residents and lead to increased independence. 

  • Walking on an underwater treadmill is virtually pain-free. Reduced body weight eases the pressure on joints so individuals can move freely.
  • Water provides up to 200 times more resistance than land. Our adjustable jets can provide additional resistance to increase balance and leg strength or challenge a patient post-surgery.
  • Our deep tissue massage eases sore muscles and achy joints and can manipulate scar tissue that may build up post-surgery.
  • Due to the comfort of warm water and the elimination of the fear of falling, patient compliance and rehab potential increase.

Provide a safe and effective way to help your residents rehabilitate, become more active and perform everyday tasks required for an independent lifestyle. Integrate HydroWorx assisted living therapy pools with underwater treadmill and resistance jet technology in your facility.

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Benefits of Aquatic Therapy for Seniors

Aquatic wellness pools for senior living facilities can provide a unique element to your business while offering residents a safe and comfortable environment for exercising. Aquatic therapy can ensure your residents’ well-being and provide them with a unique opportunity to exercise in a low-risk environment. Aquatic therapy features many advantages.

  • Joint impact: Water’s natural buoyancy can help reduce stress and strain on the joints while exercising. For many seniors dealing with arthritis or chronic joint pain, aquatic wellness pools can help them stay active and perform exercises to maintain their independence and perform daily tasks.
  • Strength and balance: As a resident exercises in an aquatic wellness pool, they can strengthen weakened muscles while improving their balance. Enhancing overall coordination, balance and muscle strength can help lower the risk of falls and other accidents.
  • Hydrostatic pressure: Aquatic therapy provides a comfortable environment and hydrostatic pressure, which can help reduce pain and inflammation. Hydrostatic pressure can also improve circulation and increase range of motion.
  • Cardiovascular health: While aquatic therapy is a gentle exercise on the joints, it can still effectively raise the heart rate to improve cardiovascular health and burn excess fat. Aquatic wellness pools can help residents train their heart and lungs to use oxygen more effectively, lowering their risk of heart disease or a heart attack.
  • Mood: Like traditional exercise, water-assisted workouts release endorphins and promote a better mood. Exercise is a necessary component to a healthy life that helps lessen negative emotions, including stress, anxiety and depression.
Benefits of aquatic therapy for seniors

Rehabilitation Methods in Senior Living Facilities

An aquatic therapy pool for a senior living community can help residents recover from an injury or strengthen their muscles to maintain health. Many senior living communities also use aquatic wellness pools to hold exercise and wellness classes. Aquatic therapy can be a beneficial tool to improve various aspects of your residents’ well-being, including the following.

  • Arthritis pain: For residents looking to improve chronic pain and limited mobility associated with arthritis, aquatic wellness pools offer a warm environment to alleviate the strain on painful joints. Residents can comfortably perform various exercises in an aquatic wellness pool to strengthen joints and decrease pain.
  • Balance issues: Balance issues can increase the risk of a resident experiencing a fall. Aquatic therapy provides strength training and improved coordination to help residents lower their risk of slipping or falling.
  • Muscle rigidity: Overly tight, sore or constricted muscles can be uncomfortable and make daily tasks difficult. An aquatic wellness pool’s warm water and calming environment can help decrease muscle rigidity and spasms.

How to Include HydroWorx Pools and Aquatic Therapy Equipment in Your Senior Living Facility

Incorporating aquatic therapy equipment for seniors into your facility offers your community a unique benefit that can attract future residents. As one of the best rehabilitation methods for seniors, aquatic wellness pools provide many advantages to help make a noticeable improvement in your residents’ health. Get started with a HydroWorx pool in a few simple steps.

  • Return on investment calculator: Our ROI calculator can help you estimate potential profits after installing a hydrotherapy pool.
  • Request a getting started kit: A free getting started kit shows you all the possibilities you can choose from when considering an aquatic wellness pool.
  • Design your pool room: If you are looking to design your pool room, you can request a free consultation to start speaking with our design team.

Increase Rehabilitation Outcomes and Resident Satisfaction


HydroWorx senior living physical therapy pools with underwater treadmill and resistance jet technology can allow for various benefits for the rehabilitation patient by decreasing their short-term rehab stay following a hospitalization, surgery or injury. Patients can return home or back to independent/assisted living sooner, providing significant financial savings. What does this mean for your patients and their rehab programs?

  • Patients can begin aquatic therapy typically three to four days postsurgery by waterproofing the wound with a bio-occlusive dressing. Warm water decreases swelling and discomfort, allowing the patient to unload their body weight and move freely in the warm water. Speed up recovery and minimize the loss of range of motion and muscle.
  • There are no accessibility or depth issues with the 2000 or 1200 Series center therapy pools, allowing for resident comfort and compliance and eliminating fear and traditional pool barriers.
  • The water’s buoyancy and the safe speeds of the underwater treadmill offer a way to strengthen legs and improve gait, easily accommodating patients at varying rehab levels.
  • Individually tailored balance programs can take place in a safe and painfree environment. People can confidently walk or work on balance and posture without the fear of falling or injury.
  • Water’s hydrostatic pressure naturally decreases inflammation and increases circulation, helping eliminate muscle soreness.

Offering Aquatic Therapy and Wellness Can Impact Your Bottom Line

Offering aquatic therapy enhanced with underwater treadmill and resistance jet technology can significantly impact your facility. The safe and productive healing environment of a HydroWorx assisted living therapy pool has proven to help individuals rehab faster and stay well longer, benefiting residents and facilities. For more information on how water therapy and wellness programs can impact your facility’s bottom line, request our “Aquatic Toolkit for Senior Living Facilities” today!

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What we’ve seen through the use of the underwater treadmill has been absolutely incredible. We had a woman who could not stand or walk for approximately more than 10 minutes a time and she was able to do 40 minutes on the treadmill and was gleaming from ear to ear.

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