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Alan Webb

The 2007 season put Alan Webb on top of the world as the highest-ranked miler. Unfortunately, with every high come some lows, and the following year left Alan sidelined with injuries and without a spot on the team heading to the Summer Games in Beijing. Injuries continued to plague Alan’s 2009 season, barely allowing him to race at all due to an injured Achilles.

He has since moved to Portland, Oregon, to join Alberto Salazar’s stable of athletes and to revive his running career. This spring, after undergoing surgery on his Achilles, Alan started running again. He experimented with different methods of cross training, submerging underwater in order to re-emerge on the track. With a Hydroworx underwater treadmill and an Alter-G anti-gravity treadmill, Alan got back up to speed. After months of slowly increasing his training, Alan was finally ready to recapture his form.

After clocking a mediocre (at least for Webb) 1:52 in the 800m in the UK, came a promising 3:41 in 1500m, and the results kept on coming…fast. Two weeks later he ran the same distances, slashing his 800m time down to 1:48 and his 1500m to 3:36 (a time that nearly equaled his fastest time over the past two years and placed him just one second behind the silver medalist from Beijing).

Ryan Kelly

Ryan Kelly, Duke University’s senior basketball forward, had missed 12 games due to a foot injury that kept him on crutches. Kelly was determined to get back on the court before the end of the regular season, a fairly ambitious goal. He was rehabbing and training 7 days a week, in the HydroWorx pool running underwater as well as working on basketball specific movements and land-based weight training, a program put together by head Basketball Athletic Trainer, Jose Fonseca.  Kelly’s attitude and perseverance never wavered throughout the long rehabilitation process.

On my time out, I kind of had the goal obviously every day to get better physically and also to stay in it mentally, everyday, 7 days a week, as long as it took. Throughout the whole process I had the mindset that I wanted to comeback and I wanted to play again.

Ryan Kelly

He was dedicated to his program because he ultimately wanted to make his return at home, on senior night, Tuesday March 5th against Virginia Tech. Well was he able to do it?

He actually beat his goal and came back Saturday March 2nd against Miami and put up very impressive numbers for his first game back. Take a look!

The Oregon Project

Oregon Project Logo

The Oregon Project has been using underwater treadmill running as an integral part of all of their athletes’ training for over 10 years as a key element in the mission to win more long distance running medals for the American team.

Some of the athletes at The Oregon Project who use HydroWorx products consist of:

  • Mo Farah – 4 Time Olympic Gold Medal Winner
  • Galen Rupp – 2 Time Olympic Medal Winner
  • Matthew Centrowitz – 1 Time Olympic Gold Medal Winner
  • Shannon Rowbury – 3 Time Olympian
  • Suguru Osako – Japanese record-holder in the 3,000M and 5,000M

“We couldn’t do what we do without HydroWorx and that’s why we have it here in Park City. It is as valuable as a pair of running shoes or our track, we have to have this [HydroWorx underwater treadmill].”

Pete Julian, Oregon Project Coach.

Mark McMorris

Mark McMorris, who suffered a horrendous snowboarding accident in the British Columbia back country in March 2017, did some of his rehabilitation at Fortius. He suffered a broken jaw and arm, ruptured spleen, collapsed lung, rib fractures, and pelvic fracture. After 10 days in the ICU, McMorris began to improve. His inspiring comeback, as documented on CBC Sports.ca, included using the HydroWorx 2000 series pool during the early stages of rehab.

With under a year before the big games, McMorris waited only weeks before beginning physio work in four-week intervals. Underwater treadmill work, mobility drills, soft tissue joint work were top treatment priorities. McMorris’ physio and family friend, Damien Moroney, was surprised at his rapid recovery, considering his barrage of injuries.

McMorris’ brought home a bronze in snowboarding Slopestyle in February, and defended his gold at the Burton US Open.

Tatum Monod

Tatum Monod, Freeskier Magazine’s 2017 Skier of the Year, suffered a broken femur, torn ACL, partially torn MCL, bucket handle tear to her meniscus and several bone bruises from an April 2017 fall in Haines Junction, Alaska. On June 1 Monod was thrilled to announce on Instagram, “I’m walking!” as she entered Fortius’ HydroWorx 2000 pool for the first time.  The natural properties of water reduced swelling and inflammation and the smooth gait training provided by the state-of-the-art underwater treadmill helped Monod heal faster.

Monod’s skiing roots—and grit—run deep. Her father raced for the Canadian national team, her parents met while skiing, and her grandfather opened one of North America’s best-known gear shops, Monod Sports.

Evidently, it will take more than falling off an Alaskan cliff to stop Tatum. And more than a barrage of breaks to keep Mark away from the slopes. And Fortius will continue to provide these determined athletes an unmatched quality of care.

Derek Jeter

One team that took the dive with HydroWorx, is the New York Yankees. With one of their stay players recovering from a pretty serious injury, adding a unit to accelerate his rehab was a necessity. 

Derek Jeter had surgery on his fractured ankle in October and began his underwater sessions in January at the team’s facility in Tampa, Florida. Jeter told the NY Daily News, “I am just doing some stuff in the water. On the treadmill.” With a goal of starting in the Yankee’s season opener in April, the trainers and coaches knew they needed to upgrade their hydrotherapy equipment to help increase the chances of his return. The program seems to be working for this shortstop since he was spotted on the field in Tampa with the rest of the team.

Adriane Agria-Halford

For one runner, Adriane Agria-Halford, her first Boston Marathon is very different than previous races that she’s run. According to the article, “Battling back: Petoskey’s Agria-Halford training for her first Boston Marathon,” on petoskeynews.com, she began running 5ks in 2009. Agria-Halford worked her way up through half-marathons and then ran the full Detroit Marathon in 2012, which unexpectedly qualified her for the 2014 Boston Marathon. But for that race, she was working her way back from two fractures in her pelvis. Agria-Halford started noticing the pain in September of 2013. When she finally discovered the source, she was in the middle of training for Boston and told her doctor she did not want to take the 6-weeks off from running, as prescribed.

Thanks to an open-minded doctor, she discovered she could continue her training during those weeks without hindering her healing. He suggested she try some cross-training modalities that remove the effects of gravity but mimic land-running, such as HydroWorx aquatic therapy. Agria-Halford started training in the HydroWorx 500 Series pool at Tim Bondy Physical Therapy over the winter and has worked up to an hour per session while continually increasing her speed.

“It feels like running and the resistance jets in front make it feel as if you’re running into the wind,” Agria-Halford said. “It makes it harder than running on land and you don’t have the jarring of running. It really does feel like running, I’m impressed.”

Adriane Agria-Halford

Antonio Valencia

For an international soccer star, fracturing an ankle typically means a significant leave of absence. But Manchester United’s Antonio Valencia hasn’t taken his serious ankle injury in the September game against Rangers lying down. Instead, he’s been undergoing what some have deemed “water torture” in the team’s HydroWorx underwater treadmill to speed up his recovery.

According to John Davin, Manchester United’s 1st Team Physiotherapist, Valencia’s heavy-duty workouts and aquatic therapy sessions are having an incredibly positive impact.

“Antonio continues to make excellent progress through his rehabilitation. His progression has, without doubt, been greatly assisted by the use of the HydroWorx underwater treadmill pool. It has provided a medium in which Antonio can run relatively early without adverse effects to the healing and repair of damaged tissue.”

John Davin

Kelly McKlusky

As a forty-something age group triathlete, Kelly McKlusky’s priorities regarding racing have changed.

She used to obsess over the times and statistics of other racers as compared to her own stats, but now she is more concerned with staying injury free and healthy so she can continue to participate for many more years in the sport.

Kelly is always looking for new and innovative ways to stay low impact with her running portion of triathlon. Recently, she had the opportunity to use the HydroWorx therapy pool as part of her low impact workout.

The HydroWorx pool is unique because it has an underwater treadmill, allowing users to get a run workout in 80% impact free. Kelly was skeptical at first but within one use of the pool, she was hooked.

I’ve tried regular pool running before with a weight belt in the deep end of the pool. I found this way of running very awkward, but the HydroWorx pool wasn’t because it is set up like a regular treadmill where your feet hit the ground; the difference is that you are in water and it doesn’t hurt.

Kelly McKlusky

The workout in the HydroWorx pool is also challenging, which as an endurance athlete Kelly welcomes. There are swim jets that create resistance while you are running; creating a one two punch as she is getting her run done and off the pavement. The jets can also be used to simulate an open water swim.

I get bored easily with my training and workouts, which is one of the reasons why I love triathlon so much; I get to mix up three sports. Use of the therapy pool helps me keep my workouts fresh; I look forward to going and using the pool and I know I’m getting great results. The pool is fun too because I can watch myself while I’m running. There are underwater cameras that show what my feet look like when they hit the treadmill so I have instant feedback on my gait and I can instantly correct if I’m over or under pronating.

Kelly McKlusky

One of the things Kelly said to have noticed after her training session in the HydroWorx pool is feeling energized. She feels like she could go back for more and rarely feels that way after pounding the pavement for an hour or more.

After my last session in the pool I noticed a significant change in my running the very next day. I was refreshed and not sore and was able to run longer as a result of using the underwater treadmill. I was only scheduled to run five miles that day but ran seven because I felt so good. The realization; I need to incorporate the pool into my weekly routine to maximize my running.

I can’t imagine life without triathlon; to me it is like eating or sleeping or taking a shower; it is a necessity. I have wondered lately how I will keep my body going and now I have an answer; the HydroWorx pool.

Kelly McKlusky

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