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What Is The ROI Of Physical Therapy Pools?

HydroWorx pools provide both superior patient service and tremendous financial profitability. Tailor a successfully lucrative aquatic program schedule by consistently maximizing your pool’s use. The HydroWorx pool is commonly utilized for physical therapy, personal training, sports performance and spa treatments. Please use our profit analyzer to run numbers specific to your clinic or facility. The programs are formatted in Microsoft Excel and detail areas such as:

  • Capital Investment Considerations
  • Operating Assumptions
  • Patient Volume Projection
  • 1 Year and 5 Year Profit and Loss Statements

Healthcare facilities can use our profit analyzer below to see the potential return from a HydroWorx pool.

Senior Living communities: Contact us for a more industry-specific calculator to see the profit potential for your community>>


We would also encourage you to watch our “Profit Center” video from the HydroWorx Business Plan Toolkit. This video will help you gain a complete understanding of the pool and its potential uses to enhance your business. You’ll discover that it pays to own a HydroWorx pool! Watch the video to learn more.


Additional Resources

  • The following case study on Lancaster General Health Campus (PDF) demonstrates how a HydroWorx pool can add value to your health and wellness facility.
  • For athletic trainers, this case study on Troy Vincent (PDF) will help you understand how a HydroWorx pool can help protect your athletic investment.

How can I finance this product?

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Marketing your pool to the community:

Maximizing your return on investment is always important for any clinic. HydroWorx makes it easy to build a large patient base for your pools with our marketing packages. Guidance on packing your waiting room, obtaining referrals from doctors or doing direct mail postcards or brochures are available. We offer many types of assistance for any type of facility.

If you’re already a HydroWorx customer ask us how we can help market your facility.