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Single Person Plunge Pools

The HydroWorx ONE ™ Plunge Pool redefines rehabilitation and recovery excellence, boasting a suite of exceptional features designed for unparalleled convenience and effectiveness. Engineered for effortless mobility, this cutting-edge plunge pool navigates through standard doorways with ease, ensuring seamless integration into any setting. Its innovative design allows for straightforward setup: simply plug it into a dedicated outlet, all with a garden hose, and it’s ready to deliver therapeutic benefits in no time.

Elevating the recovery experience, the HydroWorx ONE Plunge is equipped with a state-of-the-art, around-the-clock filtration and chemical treatment system, guaranteeing
pristine water quality at all times. Tailor your therapy needs with options available in hot, cold, and combination units, providing customizable treatment protocols for a wide range of rehabilitation, recovery, and wellness applications. Choose the HydroWorx ONE Plunge for an unmatched, convenient solution that blends seamlessly into your health and wellness routine.

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Features & Benefits

Fits through a standard doorway
  • Designed to easily fit through a standard door and around corners
  • Small space required: 75″ x 31″ x 36″
  • Dry weight of only 250 pounds
  • Fills and drains with a garden hose
  • Sump pump with hose
  • No plumbing or ice required
Personal plunge pool
  • Commercial filtration with a surface skimmer.
  • Capacity of 150 gallons, making it the perfect fit for personal use
  • Small footprint of 20 sq. feet
  • 120v/60hz power
Hot, Cold or Combination
  • Provide hot, cold or combination therapy for the treatment of various rehabilitation conditions
  • Cold – down to 42 degrees
  • Hot – up to 104 degrees
  • Place units side by side for contrast therapy, which speeds up muscle recovery and offers maximum convenience

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