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Single Person Plunge Pools

Our HydroWorx ONE™️ Plunge offers several advantageous features that promote rehabilitation and recovery, including easy transportation, a UV Ozone sanitation system, and 24/7 filtration & chemical treatment. Fitting through a standard doorway, this revolutionary plunge plugs into a dedicated 110-volt outlet, can be filled easily with a garden hose, and is quickly ready for use. The ONE Plunge Pool can be used for hot or cold therapy by placing multiple units side by side for contrast therapy.


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Features & Benefits

Fits through a standard doorway
  • At just 36″ tall, designed to easily fit through a standard door and around corners
  • Small space required: 75″ x 31″ x 36″
  • Dry weight of only 200 pounds
  • Fills and drains with a garden hose
Personal plunge pool
  • Commercial filtration and circulation from a self-contained and fully automated equipment pack for a filtered, pure water supply
  • Capacity of 120 gallons, making it the perfect fit for personal use
  • 25″ Wide x 58″ Long
Hot Or Cold Versions
  • Provide hot or cold therapy for the treatment of various rehabilitation conditions
  • Place units side by side for contrast therapy, which speeds up muscle recovery and offers maximum convenience

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