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HydroWorx 1200 Series resistance pool technology is a quantum leap forward in aquatic therapy equipment. Its high-tech design allows clinicians with limited space to enjoy the same benefits of our 2000 Series physical therapy pools, in a more compact package. The HydroWorx 1200 Series contains the same moveable floor and underwater treadmill technology that the HydroWorx 2000 made famous, but its dimensions are condensed into a 6′ wide by 9’6″ long footprint.

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Adjustable Floor with Variable Water Depth:
  • Entire therapy pool floor is fully adjustable in height for safe access without ladders or steps
  • Patients simply walk or are wheeled onto the floor and lowered to desired depth
  • Entire entry and lowering process takes only 30 seconds
Variable Speed Underwater Treadmill:
  • The entire 6’x9’6″ floor doubles as a variable speed treadmill
  • Treadmill smoothly increases from 0 to 8.5 mph in safe .2 mph increments
  • Treadmill surface has a cushioned low-impact design with excellent traction
Resistance Therapy Jets with Massage Hose:
  • Resistance jets are essential for orthopedic therapy, rehabilitation, sports performance training, and swimming or deep tissue massage
  • Add up to two resistance jets to the 1200 Series
  • Jet speeds adjust to a wide variety of water speeds with the remote control
Underwater Cameras & Monitoring System:
  • The 1200 Series resistance pool’s optional cameras and viewing monitor enhance your diagnostic capacity
  • Option includes up to five cameras, two in front, four side views and one rear view with a flat screen monitor for viewing
Touch Screen Interface and Remote:
  • Better control and functionality with easy-to-use touch screen interface and remote capabilities on a tablet
  • Easily monitor progress and set goals from anywhere in the pool room with large TV screen readout showing speed, water depth, time and distance
  • Maintain the same control from anywhere in the room or pool via tablet
  • HydroWorx products are made with superior strength and durability
  • First-year parts and labor warranty
  • Five-year structural warranty
  • Extended warranty and service plans are available
Start-Up and In-Service Training:
  • Comprehensive product training
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What are the unique performance features of the HydroWorx 1200 Series pools

Adjustable Floor and Variable Water Depth

The entire pool floor is fully adjustable in height up to six feet allowing patients or athletes to safely enter the water with no ladders or steps to worry about. The entire entry and lowering process takes only 30 seconds.

Variable Speed Underwater Treadmill

The variable speed treadmill, which smoothly increases from 0 to 8.5 mph in safe .2 mph increments, has a cushioned low-impact design with excellent traction.

Underwater Cameras & Viewing Monitor

Customize the 1200 Series to include two underwater cameras and a flat screen viewing monitor to greatly enhance a clinician’s diagnostic capabilities when evaluating a subject’s underwater gait pattern.

Hand-Held Remote Control

All functions of the HydroWorx 1200 are controlled via a water resistant remote control unit.

Resistance Jet w/ Massage Hose

The jet has nearly 200 different water speeds to choose from for variable water massage therapy.

Cluster Therapy Jets

Nine massage jets are available in a trigger point pattern for a soothing underwater massage.

Removable Stainless Steel Support Bars

Lightweight multi-functional and positional bars ensure patient comfort and security.

Automatic Water Leveling System

The automatic water leveling system detects the decreasing water level as a result of evaporation or splashing and automatically maintains the water level.

Variable Water Temperature

A fully automated, state-of-the-art-heating unit provides variable water temperature. Electric or gas systems are available.

Why are the 1200 Series pools the most advanced therapy and fitness pool in the world?

  • The adjustable pool floor allows the users to walk or be assisted onto the pool floor at deck level and lowered to any water depth up to six feet. As a result, aquatic therapy can be initiated earlier in rehabilitation for patients with a wide range of injuries.
  • The completely integrated underwater treadmill allows patients and athletes to correctly simulate land-based biomechanics. Sports specific exercises are especially effective when performed on a large underwater treadmill that allows room for full hip rotation and bounding movements. The large surface area of the treadmill allows for therapy sessions designed to closely simulate the patient or athlete’s particular sport and position.
  • The video system allows athletic trainers and physical therapists to diagnose gait patterns, record treatment sessions and document their patient or athlete’s progress. The individual being treated benefits from being able to see himself or herself on the flat screen monitor and execute the desired protocol faster, thus speeding up the healing process.
  • The water-resistant hand-held remote controls all functions of the 1200 Series pools. This gives the athletic trainer or physical therapist complete freedom of movement while administering treatment or conditioning sessions.
  • Computer documentation: HydroWorx owns the proprietary rights to the software that was written exclusively for the HydroWorx Series pools. The software monitors the pool functions, treadmill speed, and jet power then uses this information to display current session information, and stores the information in a patient database for future reference and progress reports.

Who are a few of your 1200 Series customers?


  • Cedar Village Retirement Community
  • Dove Healthcare South
  • Greenbrier Medical Institute
  • IU Health
  • Lakeview Village
  • NASA
  • North Carolina State Veterans Home
  • Pruitt Health


  • Atlanta Braves
  • Carson-Newman College
  • Clemson University
  • Duke University
  • Jacksonville Jaguars
  • Kansas State University
  • Penn State University
  • Pittsburgh Penguins

What is an example of how the college & pro sports teams utilize the HydroWorx 1200 Series pools?

Multiple-athlete cardiovascular interval training is accomplished with directional resistance jets and the underwater treadmill. Athletes are placed in alignment with two resistance streams that hit the mid-point of the athlete’s chest. The floor can be positioned at various depths to create different loading effects.

Sample Session: Begin the interval with the treadmill speed at 6 mph but without jet resistance. After a warm-up of 5 minutes, increase the treadmill speed to 7.5 mph or higher and activate the jets at a resistance level of the trainers choosing. This will provide a resistance that simulates an intense up-hill run and elevate the athlete’s heart rate. Stop the jet for approximately 20-30 seconds and begin again.

Sample Session: Begin the interval with the treadmill speed at 6 mph but without jet resistance. After a warm-up of 5 minutes, increase the treadmill speed to 7.5 mph or higher and activate the jets at a resistance level of the trainers choosing. This will provide a resistance that simulates an intense up-hill run and elevate the athlete’s heart rate. Stop the jet for approximately 20-30 seconds and begin again.

What is the difference between the HydroWorx 2000 & 1200 Series pools?

The features and structure of the 2000 Series and 1200 Series are the same. The only difference between the two therapy pools are the size. The 2000 Series is 8′ wide x 12′ long and can accommodate up to six patients or athletes at one time. The 1200 Series is 6′ wide x 9’6″ long and can accommodate up to two patients at one time.

Our clientSuccesses

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Not only is this pool an impressive visual in our clinic, it allows us to reach all of our patients more effectively — from athletes to geriatrics and pediatrics. I became a therapist to help people move. And there is no better way to do this than in a HydroWorx pool.

The Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Institute Weldon Russo, Director

We’ve had remarkable success stories from various individuals including Major League Soccer players returning to play months earlier than expected and crediting that in large part to their use of the HydroWorx 2000 underwater treadmill.

Fortius Sport & Health Caleb Cousens, Online Marketing Coordinator

Investing in high-quality equipment and the associated implementation costs may seem daunting, but when these state-of-the-art tools help build our business, brand us as the facility of choice in our communities and increase the scope of our operations, they are investments worthy of a deep dive.

Clear Choice Health Care Geoff Fraser, Senior Vice President of Operations

"HydroWorx allows us to return players to training in a much better physical condition than if we did not have it. For example, the integrated underwater treadmill and resistance jets allows us to work specific running drills performed on the field much earlier for our typical injuries such as ankle ligament sprains, knee ligament sprains and fractures.”

Manchester United FC Neil Hough, Head Physiotherapist

Our statistics thus far show 28% increase in center of gravity, 37% in lower body strength, and 19% of clients moved out of fall risk category. We will continue to use FallProof H2O and the HydroWorx 1200 Series, as we are getting great results and the best part of all, our participants love it too!

Lakeview Village Jackie Halbin, Living Well Manager

When considering return to sport, the difference between a normal swimming pool and a HydroWorx is half [when compared to land rehabilitation]. It is a 20 – 25% improvement from getting a player back from a typical ankle, knee or muscle injury.

West Bromwich Albion FC Dr. Mark Gillett, Head of Performance

Our HydroWorx pool gives our patients a great way to exercise without pain. By using aquatic therapy with an underwater treadmill, they can oftentimes return faster to the sports and activities they love doing earlier than they would be able to with land-based therapy alone.

OrthoCarolina Cheryl Bennett, Aquatic Therapist

"The HydroWorx pools are the highlight of our new Sports Medicine Center! We are now able to get people healthier and back to play quicker and stronger than ever before!"

Butler University Ryan Galloy, Director of Sports Medicine

The HydroWorx pools allows us to provide the best care possible for our athletes by giving us a tool to unload body weight while still allowing them to get work done whether it be a cardio or a rehab session. The pools play a big role in their recovery from sore muscles to major surgeries.

University of Utah Katherine Lorens, Assistant Athletic Trainer

Overall, we have far exceeded our volume and revenue projections. Many local physicians want aquatic therapy as part of the treatment plan for their patients. The physicians have a lot of trust in us. Every single day we have patients in the pool — sometimes it’s been booked to capacity. We do more volume than any other therapy provider in a two-county region.

Cox Monett Clinic Kevin Norris Rehab Manager

Besides a clinician’s manual skills a HydroWorx pool is the best tool you can have in your facility, period!! Its versatility is unmatched with the ability to effectively and efficiently treat any type of orthopedic condition.

Georgia PT & Sports Medicine Chad Luth, Owner

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The HydroWorx 1200

How Much Does A HydroWorx Cost?

A Compact Resistance Pool for Healthcare, Athletic and Senior Living Centers

The advanced features of the HydroWorx 1200 series resistance pool make it ideal for a number of diverse applications. Patients with mobility, balance or fitness issues will benefit from the moveable floor that allows for safe access without ladders or steps.

Elite athletes have used 1200 Series pools for resistance training and conditioning; the included video monitoring system makes it easy for athletic trainers to track their clinical progress and ensure proper technique.

HydroWorx offers full follow-up support to purchasers of our 1200 Series resistance pools.