HydroWorx RISE

Delivery & Installation friendly

More options in less space

The RISE eliminates all accessibility challenges for clinics and tight spaces. It can be shipped in up to three separate parts and does not rely on a separate holding tank for water, making this the most delivery-friendly hydrotherapy unit available to date. The RISE gives you the power to choose how the unit is configured for entry and control panel placement.

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Features & Benefits


An optional wheelchair ramp and side clinician platform(s) make the RISE easily accessible for nearly anyone.

Water Depth

Taking just seconds, the RISE water depth is adjustable water depth from 31″ to 50″.


The RISE comes stock with front and side handrails, resistance jet, fold down seat, and an attachable 5′ deep tissue massage hose.

Underwater Treadmill

The RISE features our famous underwater treadmill technology, with speeds from 0.2-6mph, increasing in 0.1mph increments.

Customizable entry

For even more layout options, the RISE foyer entry door can be placed on back or side of the unit.

Modular Design

Pathway challenges are easily overcome as the RISE can be delivered and installed in one, two, or three pieces.

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