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Resistance/Therapy Jets

Therapy Pools With Resistance Jets

oSWnh1JOayHydroWorx’s premium directional jet systems are essential for rehabilitation, resistance exercises, competitive sports training, swimming-in-place, deep tissue massages and stripping lactic acid from tired muscles. These fully adjustable and directional jets have up to 200 water speeds to choose and can be directed to the exact desired location.

Massage hoses may be attached and utilized for scar tissue manipulation, stripping out lactic acid, deep muscle massage, pain management and sports performance enhancement.

These therapy jets provide progressive resistance for assisted and resistive exercises, allowing for increased conditioning, strength and flexibility. Moreover, by directing the concentrated force of water against a patient or athlete’s core, you can create resistance-based rehabilitation or demanding interval training for your patients.


Provides resistance for range of motion exercises


Increased healing and strengthening of injured tissue


Improved cardiovascular stamina


Increased flexibility


Interval training


Improved circulation


Assisted and resistive exercises


Promotes early range of motion


Increased resistance for stretching and therapeutic exercises

Clinical Studies

The effectiveness of a HydroWorx pool’s resistance therapy jet technology has been proven in a number of clinical studies. Research out of Texas A&M University found that adding aquatic training to an exercise routine “elicits greater increases in lean mass and strength,” while reducing soreness and inflammation.

Other research found underwater resistance training useful for osteoarthritis patients, with one study concluding that regular exercise in a HydroWorx pool “positively influenced joint angular velocity and arthritis related joint pain.”

At HydroWorx, we believe in the validation of research to help us create the best possible outcomes with our products. The combination of resistance therapy jet technology and an underwater treadmill, which comes standard on each of our therapy pools, has been clinically proven to improve outcomes in both athletic training and physical therapy. Read more about the benefits of our pools by visiting our Research & Education page today.

Trusted by Top Athletic Facilities

From professional sports teams to military training centers, HydroWorx pools have benefited some of the world’s top athletes. Our products are used by the Philadelphia Eagles, San Diego Padres, Toronto Maple Leafs, The Andrews Institute, St. George’s Park and in many other elite settings. Our adjustable resistance jet technology allows clinicians to dial in a workout or recovery program specific to the needs of their clients. Find out more and read testimonials at our Customer Profiles page.

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