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5 Reasons Underwater Treadmill Running Outperforms Land

| Posted in: Aquatic Conditioning, Running, Training Tips

Running underwater differs from land running in many ways. Studies have shown than aquatic running outperforms land running because it provides many of the same results as land running, but with even more benefit. The natural properties of water offer benefits unmatched on land. Benefits of Running Underwater Reduced risk of injury The buoyancy of the water can […]

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Patellar Tendon Revision Recovery | Case Study

| Posted in: Aquatic Therapy, Aquatic Therapy Protocols, Athletic Training, Physical Therapy, Rehabilitation Tips, Sports Medicine Resources, Sports Stories, underwater Treadmill Resources, Water Therapy, Water Treadmill

This 22 year old professional wakeboarder underwent a patellar tendon revision. He previously had a patellar tendon repair and an ACL repair on the same knee. Following the patellar tendon revision, he began his rehab at 10 weeks post op in the HydroWorx pool at Michael Johnson Performance. During the early stages of his pool rehab, […]

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Synthesis between Physical and Speech Therapy in HydroWorx Pool Breaks Exciting New Ground

| Posted in: HydroWorx, In the News, Water Therapy, Water Treadmill

Typically, speech therapists and physical therapists discuss the patients they have in common; this type of tandem approach is nothing new.  But it’s little rarer for them to work with patients at the exact same time, especially in a warm water therapy pool.  However, if the experiences of physical therapist, Timothy Williams, and speech therapist, […]

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Aquatic Therapy Practice Considerations

| Posted in: Aquatic Therapy, HydroWorx, Physical Therapy, Water Therapy, Water Treadmill

When establishing an aquatic therapy clinic, location, transportation and social customs are vital factors to consider. Aquatic therapy practices should also consider what equipment will best suit their facilities and capabilities — and how to transition to providing water therapy effectively. Examining these elements is essential to success and seeing a return on investment. Key Considerations for Aquatic Therapy Practices […]

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Aquatic Therapy For Partial ACL & PCL Tear | Case Study

| Posted in: ACLs & Knees

According to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) is one of the most commonly injured ligaments of the knee. The incidence of ACL injuries is currently estimated at approximately 200,000 annually, with 100,000 ACL reconstructions performed each year. We recently learned of a case of someone opting out of surgery […]

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HydroWorx Was a “Clear Choice” for This World-Class Senior Living Facility

| Posted in: Aquatic Therapy, HydroWorx, Physical Therapy, Water Therapy, Water Treadmill

When Clear Choice says its goal is to foster independence, freedom, mobility and healthy living in its residents, the company is being sincere. Not only are they known for their cutting-edge methods for helping their patients remain in tiptop shape, but they also offer tremendous resources. Currently, Clear Choice has multiple facilities across Florida and […]

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Presbyterian Village North: Where Water Nurtures Healthier Aging

| Posted in: Aquatic Therapy, HydroWorx, Physical Therapy, underwater Treadmill Resources, Water Therapy, Water Treadmill

Every senior living community strives to cater to its population in a variety of ways.  This includes offering rehabilitation and fitness options that aren’t available elsewhere.  After all, chances are good that as residents age, they will need some kind of physical or occupational therapy, as well as the desire to stay in shape. Statistics […]

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Innovation in Senior Care in Ellsworth

| Posted in: News Stories

What do you get when you mix the city manager of a Down East Maine community, looking to increase her city’s senior population, with an innovative healthcare company ready to expand? Then, sprinkle in an empty school with available property. What’s the outcome? “Magic,” said Ellsworth, Maine’s city manager, Michelle Beal. The planning of Seaport […]

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Ellsworth, Maine Boasts New Senior Living Community

| Posted in: Aquatic Therapy, HydroWorx, In the News, Physical Therapy, Water Therapy, Water Treadmill, Webinars

The following blog post has been summarized from the recent press release, “Innovation in Ellsworth,” published on February 26, 2015. Seaport Village, located in Ellsworth, ME, is a brand new, 63,600-square-foot, two-story facility that holds 91 beds — 61 for nursing care, including rehabilitation services, and the other 30 for assisted living. The project had been in the works […]

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How To Create A Successful PT Practice with Aquatics

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We spent some time talking with Joan Arieta, DPT and owner of Alhambra Valley Physical Therapy in Pleasant Hill, California. For years they’ve been helping patients heal in Constra Costa County with their amazing aquatics program. How To Utilize Your HydroWorx & Market Your Aquatics Program Joan shared with us ways they utilize their new HydroWorx […]

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