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Proud to Announce First HydroWorx Pool in Rhode Island

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In the world of healthcare and sports today, many of the top hospitals, clinics, professional and collegiate sports teams use HydroWorx to rehabilitate and train patients and athletes. And we couldn’t be more proud to be a part of these facilities who are focused on healing and improving the lives of their clients.  We are […]

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Increasing Client Satisfaction through a New Approach

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The following blog post has been summarized from the recent blog article, “Want a Better Bottom Line? Think Like a Client,” published on Provider Nation, written by Peg Black, Development Director, Cerenity Senior Care. When Cerenity Senior Care began their massive five-year renovation planning process, they decided to take a different approach, which turned out […]

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6 Do’s and Don’ts For Designing a Pool Therapy Room

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Therapy pools are commonly implemented into many types of facilities: senior living communities, physical therapy clinics, hospitals, sports medicine facilities and team athletic training facilities.  The final product typically ends up being the crown jewel of the facility, but there are a lot of details required in order to get there.  One of the key […]

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4 Ways To Use Hydrotherapy For Sports

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“With the way the HydroWorx system works, there is not a lot you can’t do.  Use your imagination!”  So says Dr. Mark Gillett, who is the Director of Performance at West Bromwich Albion and Head of Athletic Performance for British Basketball. Although Gillett focuses mainly on helping patients rehabilitate after injuries through aquatics, he also […]

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Research compares the metabolic responses from land to underwater treadmill exercise

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The University of Maine’s exercise science department along with professors from the Rutgers Equine Science Center developed and published the research study, “The metabolic response to treadmill graded exercise: traditional vs. underwater.” The purpose of the study was to the determine the metabolic effects of four graded exercise tests performed on an underwater treadmill and then […]

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Underwater Treadmill Walking vs. Shallow Water Walking: Benefits for Rehabilitation

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Drs. Dennis Dolny and Eadric Bressel from Utah State University, teamed up to evaluate the effects of underwater treadmill walking in a HydroWorx pool versus shallow water walking in a static pool. Their findings, backed by both raw data as well as underwater camera videos, support clinicians’ anecdotal reports that their patients and athletes who […]

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5 Reasons Underwater Treadmill Running Outperforms Land

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Running underwater differs from land running in many ways. Studies have shown than aquatic running outperforms land running because it provides many of the same results as land running, but with even more benefit. The natural properties of water offer benefits unmatched on land. Benefits of Running Underwater Reduced risk of injury The buoyancy of the water can […]

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Patellar Tendon Revision Recovery | Case Study

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This 22 year old professional wakeboarder underwent a patellar tendon revision. He previously had a patellar tendon repair and an ACL repair on the same knee. Following the patellar tendon revision, he began his rehab at 10 weeks post op in the HydroWorx pool at Michael Johnson Performance. During the early stages of his pool rehab, […]

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Synthesis between Physical and Speech Therapy in HydroWorx Pool Breaks Exciting New Ground

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Typically, speech therapists and physical therapists discuss the patients they have in common; this type of tandem approach is nothing new.  But it’s little rarer for them to work with patients at the exact same time, especially in a warm water therapy pool.  However, if the experiences of physical therapist, Timothy Williams, and speech therapist, […]

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Aquatic Therapy Practice Considerations

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When establishing an aquatic therapy clinic, location, transportation and social customs are vital factors to consider. Aquatic therapy practices should also consider what equipment will best suit their facilities and capabilities — and how to transition to providing water therapy effectively. Examining these elements is essential to success and seeing a return on investment. Key Considerations for Aquatic Therapy Practices […]

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