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Hydrotherapy in Athletics: Use HydroTherapy at Every Stage of Training to Optimize Performance

| Posted in: Aquatic Conditioning, Aquatic Therapy, Athletic Training, Rehabilitation Tips, Water Treadmill

Achieving optimal athletic performance takes more than just natural ability, mental focus, and resilience. It requires a 3-pronged approach to managing physical health that includes maximizing training, managing recovery, and mitigating injury. Did you know that hydrotherapy can be used for all three? Whether your athletes are maintaining during the off-season, optimizing performance during the […]

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Rescue Puppy Uses Canine Underwater Treadmill for Post-Surgery Rehab

| Posted in: Aquatic Therapy, Health & Wellness Stories, Water Treadmill

Meet Ozzy, the rescued boxer mix puppy of HydroWorx’s very own Mike McHugh, and one of the very first patients to use the technology of HydroWorx’s K900. When we introduced the K900 underwater treadmill, we were excited to begin offering advanced hydrotherapy technology to animals and the veterinary community. However, we never imagined one of […]

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10 Facts for National Physical Therapy Month

| Posted in: Aquatic Therapy, Physical Therapy, Water Therapy, Water Treadmill

October 2022 is the 30th anniversary of National Physical Therapy Month! We are recognizing the dedication and commitment that many physical therapists show daily to their patients and practices. National Physical Therapy Month (NPTM) is a commemoration held each October by the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA). NPTM is designed to recognize the impact that […]

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Using Cold Water for Immersion Therapy

| Posted in: Sports Medicine Resources, Water Therapy, Water Treadmill, Webinars

HydroWorx had the pleasure of collaborating with Pat Viroux of ProCcare and Murphy Grant of Wake Forest University to provide an educational webinar on Using Cold Water for Immersion Therapy and the importance for athletes. During this webinar, Murphy shared his insight and knowledge regarding how he treats his athletes and how he uses the […]

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Showstopper Pool at Special Needs School

| Posted in: Facility Spotlight, Aquatic Therapy, HydroWorx, Physical Therapy, Water Therapy, Water Treadmill

Patty Hornak, Manager Therapy Services Patty Hornak serves as the Manager of Therapy Services for St. Vincent’s Special Needs Service’s Feroleto Children’s Development Center in Trumbull, Connecticut. This private school provides education for students with disabilities in 30 surrounding towns. Eight years ago, when their new president asked her what new equipment they needed, Patty’s […]

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Aquatic Therapy For Spinal CSF Leak | Case Study

| Posted in: Aquatic Conditioning, Aquatic Therapy, HydroWorx, Physical Therapy, Uncategorized, underwater Treadmill Resources, Water Therapy, Water Treadmill

Spinal CSF Leak Case Study Two-to-three times a week Connie Deline, MD, prepares her workout clothes for an early morning jog. But instead of running shoes and windbreaker, Connie reaches for her aqua shoes and swimsuit. Over a decade s ago, Connie, who’d never really been sick, experienced an excruciating headache. Within 30 minutes she […]

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How Aquatic Therapy Helps Osteoarthritis Patients

| Posted in: Aquatic Conditioning, Aquatic Therapy, Physical Therapy, Aquatic Therapy Research, Water Therapy, Water Treadmill

Millions of Americans groan as they roll out of bed in the morning, not due to a tyrannical boss or bad weather, but due to joint pain! Osteoarthritis (OA) disrupts the lives of an estimated 27 million Americans. That’s just over 12% of our population, making OA a significant concern for physical and occupational therapists […]

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Creighton University: The Value of Aquatic Therapy

| Posted in: Aquatic Therapy, Athletic Training, Sports Medicine Resources, Sports Stories, underwater Treadmill Resources, Water Therapy, Water Treadmill

Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska is attended by about 9,000 students and known for its stellar alumni network, a 16-year streak as US News and World Report’s “Number 1 Midwestern University” ranking, and Doug McDermott (pro basketball player and NCAA leading scorer in 2014-15). It has a long-standing tradition of excellence and distinction, both academically […]

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HydroWorx Acquires HydroTrack To Expand Product Line With Enhanced Service Channels

| Posted in: News Stories, Aquatic Therapy, HydroWorx, In the News, underwater Treadmill Resources, Water Therapy, Water Treadmill

The acquisition of HydroTrack allows HydroWorx to offer an even more compact aquatic therapy solution.  This opens up the opportunity for facilities with smaller space requirements to utilize the advantages of hydrotherapy. This acquisition makes HydroWorx solutions significantly more accessible to schools, physical therapy clinics, senior living centers, hospitals and fitness clubs. “We are very […]

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Aquatic HIIT | Increasing Fitness at Any Level

| Posted in: Aquatic Therapy, Health & Wellness Stories, Physical Therapy, Rehabilitation Tips, Training Tips, underwater Treadmill Resources, Water Therapy, Water Treadmill

While High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is often used in training high level athletes, it has been shown to provide benefits for individuals at any age or fitness level. Why? In short, these workouts provide health benefits while saving time. Benefits of HIIT Bursts of intense training sandwiched between short rest periods, repeated for 15 […]

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