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Embrace Versatility with HydroWorx Above-Ground Hydrotherapy Units

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When it comes to physical rehabilitation–whether in an OT, PT, or ATC setting, getting the most out of your rehabilitation tools is crucial. You’ve got a limited amount of time with your patients to maximize clinical outcomes. Many clinicians are turning to aquatic therapy as a versatile tool for rehabilitation, conditioning, and recovery. From large […]

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NATA 2023 Conference Recap

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Behind the scenes: how do we get operational underwater treadmills on the show floor?

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How Much Does a HydroWorx Cost?

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The cost of a HydroWorx product is determined by the specific hydrotherapy goals and facility needs of each customer. To figure out your custom solution, we’ve developed a simple process that is based on a few factors. Factors that contribute to the cost of a HydroWorx: Product selection Optional product features Delivery and Installation Service […]

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Introducing The HydroWorx RISE: The First Modular Design In Hydrotherapy History

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With solutions ranging from 9’x3’ to 12’x16’, finding a HydroWorx to fit within a space rarely becomes a challenge. However, just because the product can fit in the end location does not always mean that the location is easily accessible for delivery. Accessibility challenges have created a long-time barrier that has kept patients and athletes […]

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Behind The Scenes: 25 Years of Aquatic Innovation

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For over 25 years, HydroWorx has been leading the innovation front in the aquatic therapy industry. In that timeframe, HydroWorx introduced nearly 20 different hydrotherapy products ranging from the world’s largest underwater treadmill to underwater treadmills that will fit nearly any space. HydroWorx’s innovation success is attributed to three things: establishing an innovation mindset refining […]

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The K900: A product 25 years in the making

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Nearly 20 different products that utilize water to enhance the rehab and recovery experience have been offered by HydroWorx since the company began in 1997. Every product developed has solved customer challenges like needing roomier pools, deep well options, finding a way for small spaces to still offer hydrotherapy, and improved technology for monitoring progress. […]

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Meet the People Behind the Passion: Dave Stufflet and Christina O’Donnell

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Innovation has always been, and still remains, a common theme throughout HydroWorx’s company history.  Our first underwater treadmill prototype was developed in the late 1990’s when the concept of aquatic therapy rehabilitation was very new. Most sports and medical facilities were apprehensive to take a chance with an unfamiliar method and technology.  Fast forward to […]

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Four Aquatic Therapy Exercises Using Just a Noodle

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HydroWorx is kicking 2021 off in a healthy way and we have decided to provide you with four exercises that can be done with just the water and a pool noodle. These exercises can be done in any of our units ranging from the EVO to the HydroWorx 2000! Upper Body Aquatic Exercises These exercises […]

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National Alzheimer’s Awareness Month

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November is a month where we start to feel the holiday season upon us. We start thinking about Thanksgiving turkey, gathering with family, and the things for which we are thankful in our lives. It is important to remember that there is more to the month of November beyond the Thanksgiving Day turkey. November is […]

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Facility Spotlight: Fyzical Cincinnati

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We are excited to shine our facility spotlight on Fyzical Cincinnati, formerly known as Howell Rehab. Alan Howell, owner, has been a long time HydroWorx customer and has used several of our products ranging from the HydroWorx 2000  to the EVO . Alan said that he learned about the healing properties of water while working with […]

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