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Behind The Scenes: 25 Years of Aquatic Innovation

Behind The Scenes: 25 Years of Aquatic Innovation

For over 25 years, HydroWorx has been leading the innovation front in the aquatic therapy industry. In that timeframe, HydroWorx introduced nearly 20 different hydrotherapy products ranging from the world’s largest underwater treadmill to underwater treadmills that will fit nearly any space.

HydroWorx’s innovation success is attributed to three things:

  1. establishing an innovation mindset
  2. refining the innovation process, and
  3. maximizing the momentum created from each innovation milestone.

Innovation Mindset

Innovation at HydroWorx is a company core value, a mindset adopted throughout the whole team. The critical action taken from this mindset is listening to customers.

“They have a vision,” shares Mike McHugh, Director of Sales Development at HydroWorx, “They tell us what they want to see.”

Listening to customers is the necessary fuel for HydroWorx’s innovation process to run at maximum performance.

Innovation Process

Each person plays a role in HydroWorx’s innovation process: from building relationships with customers, and developing ideas for solutions, to transforming sketches into reality.

This process, though seemingly simple, is what has been the foundation for each of HydroWorx’s incredible innovation milestones.

Innovation Milestones

With each innovation milestone, HydroWorx continues to raise the bar for the aquatic therapy industry.

HydroWorx started out big, with its flagship product being the world’s largest underwater treadmill.

That milestone set the tone for HydroWorx’s future: always looking for the next big thing.

A BIG Thanks for 25 Years

HydroWorx’s biggest accomplishment thus far, however, has to be the incredible relationships built with such amazing customers all around the globe.

We are thankful for every story you share of how our products are involved in supporting the work you do every day to bring healing and hope to patients and athletes! You are truly our inspiration.

Here’s to the next 25 years!

Our innovative products

We have over a dozen powerful aquatic therapy products for athletic facilities and healthcare settings. We’re confident we have a solution for your project, whether an existing space, renovation, or new build.