Four Aquatic Therapy Exercises Using Just a Noodle

Four Aquatic Therapy Exercises Using Just a Noodle

First and foremost we want to start out by saying Happy New Year and we hope that you enjoyed a wonderful, happy, and healthy holiday season. Like many of you, HydroWorx is kicking 2021 off in a healthy way and we have decided to provide you with four exercises that can be done with just the water and a pool noodle. These exercises can be done in any of our units ranging from the EVO to the HydroWorx 2000!

The exercises include:

  1. Noodle plank
  2. Gait with upper body noodle swing
  3. Figure 8 with a noodle
  4. Noodle Press

1. Noodle Plank

Exercises with a pool noodle

While holding onto a noodle, place your hands shoulder width apart, lean forward and balance yourself on the noodle while the noodle supports you in the water.

2. Gait with Upper Body Noodle Swing

Exercises with a pool noodle

Holding a noodle in each arm, swing the noodles through the water while running, jogging or walking.

3. Figure 8 with Noodle:

Exercises with a pool noodle

Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, holding a noodle in front of you with arms in full extension. Keeping your elbow straight and the noodle in front of your body, drag the noodle through the water. Draw a figure eight with the noodle, attempting to get as much shoulder range of motion throughout.

4. Noodle Press:

Exercises with a pool noodle

Placing a noodle in a U shape, perform hip flexion and knee flexion while placing the noodle under the arch of the foot.Press the noodle down to the floor of the pool and slowly control the leg back up to hip flexion and knee flexion. Repeat on each leg.

HydroWorx is proud to be able to create a series of exercises that can hopefully bring your patients one step closer to their goal of becoming more active in 2021. We hope you and your patients have a year filled with happiness, health, and most importantly movement!


2 comments on “Four Aquatic Therapy Exercises Using Just a Noodle”

  1. I’m trying to locate a hydrotrack underwater treadmill. Not the aquatic therapy in a large pool.
    It is a box u step into and it fills with water. I used to go to one in Ocala Fl
    but don’t think it’s up and running now.
    Do u have these at any of your facilities? It is the only product that really works for me.

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