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Hydrotherapy in Athletics: Use HydroTherapy at Every Stage of Training to Optimize Performance

| Posted in: Aquatic Conditioning, Aquatic Therapy, Athletic Training, Rehabilitation Tips, Water Treadmill

Achieving optimal athletic performance takes more than just natural ability, mental focus, and resilience. It requires a 3-pronged approach to managing physical health that includes maximizing training, managing recovery, and mitigating injury. Did you know that hydrotherapy can be used for all three? Whether your athletes are maintaining during the off-season, optimizing performance during the […]

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5 Applications for Canine Hydrotherapy

| Posted in: Veterinary

Canine hydrotherapy has been making waves in veterinary clinics across the country, because the properties of water provide a versatile treatment option.

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Customer Spotlight: Dive Into Comfort with RiverWoods Manchester

| Posted in: Facility Spotlight, Senior Living Communities, Aquatic Therapy

RiverWoods Manchester is making waves as the first Life Care Community to install a HydroWorx RISE unit. It’s rare to see a freestanding unit in a retirement community and the residents are loving their hydrotherapy sessions just as much as we’re loving to hear about their experience! We sat down with Kim Murphy to discuss […]

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Embrace Versatility with HydroWorx Above-Ground Hydrotherapy Units

| Posted in: Aquatic Therapy, HydroWorx, Uncategorized

When it comes to physical rehabilitation–whether in an OT, PT, or ATC setting, getting the most out of your rehabilitation tools is crucial. You’ve got a limited amount of time with your patients to maximize clinical outcomes. Many clinicians are turning to aquatic therapy as a versatile tool for rehabilitation, conditioning, and recovery. From large […]

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Customer Spotlight Blog: Kekoa Nui Kennels

| Posted in: Veterinary, Facility Spotlight, Aquatic Therapy

Customer: Kekoa Nui Kennels, Hilo, Hawaii We’re thrilled to introduce the first HydroWorx K900 customer in Hawaii. Kekoa Nui Kennels in Hilo, Hawaii is the first in the state to offer HydroWorx hydrotherapy for veterinary patients.  The Kekoa Nui Kennel team decided to team up with Kimi Ross, DVM, CCRT at Yoshiko Vet Rehab to […]

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5 Tools For Veterinary Underwater Treadmills

| Posted in: Veterinary, Aquatic Education

The key to successful physical rehabilitation is a mutli-modal approach to care. In this blog we’ll review 5 tools that pair well with hydrotherapy.

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10 Trends in Veterinary Rehabilitation

| Posted in: Veterinary, News Stories

Just like with humans, rehabilitation is not just for post-surgical care. In this blog we’ll explore 10 must-know trends in veterinary rehabilitation.

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5 Popular Hydrotherapy Pool Pairings for Athletic Facilities

| Posted in: Aquatic Therapy, Athletic Training

1: HydroWorx 750 & Classic Plunges What we love: The 750 offers an optional deep well for additional rehab exercises beyond what can be completed with the multiple floor levels and standard underwater treadmill. Our Classic plunges come in three size configurations and can be set to hot or cold. These two pools create a […]

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How to Set Up Your Hydrotherapy Space

| Posted in: Aquatic Therapy

Where should a physical therapy clinic place a hydrotherapy unit? How should I design my aquatic therapy room? How can I make my hydrotherapy room comfortable for patients and athletes? Many of our customers also had these questions before they added hydrotherapy to their facilities. Below are examples of hydrotherapy room designs to share ideas […]

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The Best Investment for Better Patient Outcomes: Advice from Dan Lorenz, DPT, PT, ATC, LAT, CSCS

| Posted in: Aquatic Therapy, Physical Therapy

“If I had a blank check for a facility I would put in a pool with a treadmill.” – Dan Lorenz, sports medicine director at LMH Health If you had a blank check for your new clinic or athletic facility, what would be at the top of your wish list? What would make the biggest […]

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