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5 Applications for Canine Hydrotherapy

| Posted in: Veterinary

Canine hydrotherapy has been making waves in veterinary clinics across the country, because the properties of water provide a versatile treatment option.

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Customer Spotlight Blog: Kekoa Nui Kennels

| Posted in: Veterinary, Facility Spotlight, Aquatic Therapy

Customer: Kekoa Nui Kennels, Hilo, Hawaii We’re thrilled to introduce the first HydroWorx K900 customer in Hawaii. Kekoa Nui Kennels in Hilo, Hawaii is the first in the state to offer HydroWorx hydrotherapy for veterinary patients.  The Kekoa Nui Kennel team decided to team up with Kimi Ross, DVM, CCRT at Yoshiko Vet Rehab to […]

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5 Tools For Veterinary Underwater Treadmills

| Posted in: Veterinary, Aquatic Education

The key to successful physical rehabilitation is a mutli-modal approach to care. In this blog we’ll review 5 tools that pair well with hydrotherapy.

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10 Trends in Veterinary Rehabilitation

| Posted in: Veterinary, News Stories

Just like with humans, rehabilitation is not just for post-surgical care. In this blog we’ll explore 10 must-know trends in veterinary rehabilitation.

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