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The K900 Shines in a Veterinary Rehabilitation Setting

The K900 Shines in a Veterinary Rehabilitation Setting

We recently sat down with Patricia Tribou, BS, PTA, CCRP, Co-Founder of Canine New England, to discuss how she is using the HydroWorx K900 unit for hydrotherapy in her clinic. 

Patricia shared that innovative technologies and treatments continue to emerge, revolutionizing how we care for their patients. Advancements in therapy, especially hydrotherapy, have helped veterinary rehabilitation clinics significantly by providing versatile treatment options that pets love. The HydroWorx K900 underwater treadmill has emerged as a game-changer. 

The ability to change the treatment incline and decline, cutting-edge door latch system, and user-friendly design have made the K900 a best-in-class solution for the team at Canine New England.

Decline Feature Helps Pets Take Major Strides Forward

The team at Canine New England have embraced hydrotherapy primarily because of the optimal path to wellness it provides for their patients. One of the most unexpected features that they’ve discovered is the ability to decline the treadmill.

Unlike traditional hydrotherapy treadmills, which shift the whole unit, the K900 offers the option to simulate downhill movement. This provides the ability to provide pets with a gentle and controlled decline during aquatic therapy sessions. The decline feature is particularly beneficial for patients experiencing trouble with their forelimbs that require more eccentric contraction for better muscle strengthening and stabilization joints. Conversely, the team regularly utilizes the incline for CCL recovery to activate the quadricep muscles. Additionally, for patients with neurological issues, the decline function can facilitate a smoother gait pattern, helping them regain mobility more effectively. The entire HydroWorx unit drops and the treadmill belt can change directions enabling the treadmill to incline, or decline based on patient needs.

“I love that the elevation drops versus the whole machine going down, which has been a problem with the others.” 

– Patti

Unmatched Ease of Use

In the hustle and bustle of daily veterinary practice ease-of-use is critical. Patti shares that the K900’s intuitive interface easily enables her to control water levels, speed, and incline with the simple click of a button. The simple design eliminates complexities typically associated with hydrotherapy equipment, allowing her to focus solely on her patient’s needs.

“I think what the difference between HydroWorx and the other companies is you have actual people that do this and understand what therapy means for a dog and how to do it because you’ve taken into consideration all these little things that help us when we’re actually working with a dog.” 


Innovative Door Latch System

The dual-lock door system ensures the safety of both patients and therapists. This system includes a magnetic closure and mechanical latch making it easy to secure. This dual latch system guarantees that the chamber is sealed and leak-free during every session.

The stainless-steel walk-through design has offered several additional benefits:

  • Patients with compromised mobility don’t have to turn around in the unit, they can easily walk in and out.
  • Stainless-steel is ideal for cleaning.
  • The latch system is designed to stay closed, even during a power outage.
  • The dual-lock system provides peace of mind.

Best-in-Class Features

Patti shared that her favorite features of the K900 are:

  • Adjustable Water Depth: This allows her to tailor therapy programs to patients of various sizes and treatment needs. The water depth can range from 1” to 24” and fills the unit in about 90 seconds.
  • Variable Speed: The integrated low-impact design surface gives patients excellent traction. And variable speeds from 0.2 to 7.0 mph allow us to fully customize treatment protocols for every patient.
  • Low-Impact Exercise: Hydrotherapy provides a low-impact workout, reducing stress on joints and soft tissues, which is ideal for patients recovering from surgery or chronic conditions like arthritis.
  • Durable Construction: Built to withstand the demands of a busy veterinary practice, the K900 underwater treadmill features a robust stainless steel frame and corrosion-resistant components, ensuring longevity and reliability.

“I think the K900 is probably the best underwater treadmill out there… you guys have done a fabulous job.” 


The team at Canine New England is excited to continue to develop their hydrotherapy program with the K900. Patti shared that the K900 is not just an underwater treadmill–it’s a lifeline to a healthier, happier future for their beloved patients.

Thank you to Patti for sharing her story!


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