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Facility Spotlight: Canine New England

Facility Spotlight: Canine New England

Patricia Tribou, BS, PTA, CCRP, Co-Founder of Canine New England, shares how her team is leveraging hydrotherapy to level up patient outcomes with their new HydroWorx K900

Canine New England has been in the hydrotherapy game for 7 years. Formally known as The Canine Joint since 2008. The facility houses three treadmills, now including the K900, allowing the team to treat approximately 100 patients per week with hydrotherapy.

“…the difference between you guys and the other companies is you have actual people that do this and understand what therapy means for a dog and how to do it, because you’ve [HydroWorx] taken into consideration or the company that built this took into consideration all these little things that help us when we’re actually working with a dog.”

Patricia Tribou

Adopting a Hydrotherapy Rental Model

When treadmills are not in use for therapy sessions, the facility allows trained clients to rent one specific underwater treadmill for personal sessions with their pet. Rental sessions are economically priced to give clients a cost-effective way to transition their pets from rehabilitation into a maintenance program to keep their pets maintaining therapeutic results. Clients also sign up for rental sessions during the winter months to provide a comfortable environment for their pets to stay mobile. This rental unit ensures all three treadmills are never sitting idle making them an important revenue driver for the clinic.

“You know, my motto has always been that, you know, every dog needs therapy or fitness and we’ll make sure they get it somehow”

Creating a Destination to Drive Growth

Canine New England offers a wide variety of aquatic training and rehabilitation solutions including: a dock diving pool, a fitness pool, and underwater treadmills in their 28,000 square foot facility. Patti explains that they’ve become known as one of the premier rehabilitation and athletic performance centers in the world. The team at Canine New England includes her business partner Lorraine Messier who is a master fitness trainer to make sure pets are conditioned safely.

“Our facility is not just a rehab, it’s a performance center.”

Patricia states that their organic growth is driven by two important factors: location and word-of-mouth. The strategically placed facility is situated between two major highways which naturally attracts a lot of attention and the Canine New England team handles the rest with top-notch service that clients love to share with their networks.

Clients share videos of their pets engaging in training and rehabilitation at Canine New England and post it on their own social channels which has been a key clinic growth driver. Patti notes that they put a sticker of their logo on the side of the underwater treadmill when they realized how many clients were snapping photos and videos of their pets for social media.

Patti shares that CCL tears make up about 85% of their business. Local hospitals and universities have been an important referral source for CCL rehabilitation which has been another driver of practice growth.

Thanks to Canine New England for sharing your story.

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