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Customer Spotlight Blog: Kekoa Nui Kennels

Customer Spotlight Blog: Kekoa Nui Kennels

Customer: Kekoa Nui Kennels, Hilo, Hawaii

We’re thrilled to introduce the first HydroWorx K900 customer in Hawaii. Kekoa Nui Kennels in Hilo, Hawaii is the first in the state to offer HydroWorx hydrotherapy for veterinary patients. 

The Kekoa Nui Kennel team decided to team up with Kimi Ross, DVM, CCRT at Yoshiko Vet Rehab to bring rehabilitation services to their local community. The team has used swimming for rehabilitation before but is excited for the ability to harness the rehabilitating power of water in a more controlled environment.

The team is currently scheduling rehabilitation sessions in 30-45 minute blocks with 15 minutes between sessions. These sessions are tailored to the individual needs of the patient and may include acupuncture, laser therapy, and therapeutic exercises in addition to time in the K900, manual therapy, and hydrotherapy depending on the needs of the patient. Currently, up to 10 dogs per week are using the K900; as word gets out, the team hopes additional canines will be able to benefit from the K900. 

Hydrotherapy is being used for a diverse patient population including:

  • Neurologic patients
  • Arthritic/geriatric patients
  • Weight management
  • Post surgical orthopedic patients
  • Fitness and conditioning for healthy canines

The team shares “We’ve been really excited about the utility that hydrotherapy brings to us, especially for larger and heavy patients. Big dogs, especially those that are not fully ambulatory,  are more physically demanding for the therapist. Hydrotherapy enables us to leverage the properties of water to support patient body weight and target the specific needs of the patient, whether that is increased weight bearing, gait training, or neuromuscular patterning. 

The rehabilitation team prioritizes patient comfort and safety during sessions in the K900. Use of a bench for the therapist to sit on in the treadmill provides extra support for nervous patients or patients who need a physical stimulus or support for limb motion. Treats and toys are used for motivation – though the majority of patients seem to enjoy their treadmill sessions and require minimal encouragement to keep moving. Life jackets provide additional buoyancy for patients with poor balance or limb control. All of these tools ensure that therapy sessions are both safe and enjoyable for patients. The team has also been using a few tools during therapy sessions including a therapy bench that sits in the treadmill to help teach gaiting. They also sometimes use hand-fed treats to keep patients moving, but most of my patients like being in the water and don’t need any additional motivation. Patients with hind end paresis are regularly fitted with life jackets to keep them safe and comfortable during therapy.

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