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Spring Training Prep for the Regular Season with Aquatic Therapy

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Ah, spring! When fans and players head out to the diamond for another year of America’s game. As spring training ends, players and athletic trainers alike know it’s called “training” for a reason. It’s a time to get ready, mentally and physically, for the grind of the season, which begins today. We caught up with several […]

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Remember the Fundamentals: Jayhawks’ Philosophy on Court and in Water

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In this year of true madness in college basketball, as one highly-ranked team after another falls to Cinderella, the University of Kansas was one of two number one seeds left. As the Jayhawks play in the Midwest Regional in Omaha tonight, 100 miles north of the Kansas border, “Rock Chalk, Jayhawk!” will be loud! Sticking to […]

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Winter Athletes Taken Care of at Fortius

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Winter athletes do some crazy stuff, right? One hundred and eighty feet of slopestyle air, freeriding 96 MPH down an icy mountain, and g-forces so strong you can’t raise your head? Broken wrists. Broken legs. Smashed ribs. That’s pretty much the norm. Yet top winter athletes somehow find the moxie to rehab, then hop back […]

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Jackie Lithgow: A Future Nearly Denied, A Spirit Undeterred

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Most college undergraduates face challenges. All-night cram sessions. Demanding professors. Juggling adult responsibilities. But these difficulties in comparison to Jackie Lithgow’s experience at Bloomsburg University in 2014. Jackie attended a closed fraternity party. During the event, a fight broke out. Without hesitating, he tried to break it up. It was a decision that altered the […]

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Could Water Be the Road to PT Differentiation?

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Chad Luth, PT, MT, the founder of Georgia Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine Center, has no doubt in his mind that his investment in water has played a huge role in setting apart his multi-site practice. In fact, the clinic’s signage proudly notes that out of the five advanced aquatic therapy pools in northern Georgia, he […]

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Iowa State’s Sports Medicine Department: A Focus on Health and Wellbeing

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The following blog post has been summarized from the recent article on, “An Inside Look at Iowa State’s Sports Medicine Dept.”  Iowa State Sports Medicine keeps a strong focus on their athletes’ health and wellbeing. That being said, they are always looking for ways to improve the treatment of their students. They employ many different technologies […]

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Powering Podium Performances at Canadian Sport Institute Calgary

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Calgary is a land of prairies and foothills, 80 km from the front range of the Canadian Rockies. It’s also brimming with world-class athletes and coaches, a strong sporting infrastructure, and the Canadian Sport Institute Calgary (CSI Calgary), a high-performance institute that has developed hundreds of world champions since its inception in 1994. Athletes supported […]

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Minnesota’s Athletes Village and the Philadelphia Eagles

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The University of Minnesota’s new $166 million Athletes Village just opened last month. The Philadelphia Eagles will practice for the big game at the new indoor facility, which is part of the new athletic complex. Athletes Village is a sprawling complex with a 16,000 square-foot weight room, a mammoth 400-by-200 square foot indoor football practice facility and […]

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Architect Q&A: Senior Living Rehab Design Highlights Underwater Treadmill

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Every once in a while, you come across an architect that pushes the envelope to develop unique designs for our customers as they create spaces within their facilities for our pools. Some of these designs (and designers) garner their fair share of praise among industry experts as they forge new pathways to problem solving, ingenuity and innovation. […]

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HydroWorx Family Mourns the Loss of Aquatic Research Pioneer and Friend, Dr. Dennis Dolny

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The HydroWorx family is recovering from the shock of losing a dear friend, colleague and aquatic therapy advocate. Dr. Dennis Dolny has been considered an integral part of HydroWorx for close to 10 years. Dr. Dolny and his aquatic therapy research has impacted our business dramatically. He co-authored the book “Underwater Treadmill Running” with Alberto Salazar. He was a key contributor to […]

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