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Hydrotherapy Rehabilitation Success Stories

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In recognition of National Rehabilitation Week, we’re highlighting a few inspiring hydrotherapy rehabilitation stories from our customers. When Aaron first came to hydrotherapy for his cerebral palsy and scoliosis, he wasn’t able to perform exercises by himself. Throughout his journey, he gained the ability to engage his hips and core, stand up straight, and walk […]

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3 #FeelGoodFriday Stories of Healing with Hydrotherapy

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Our customers always inspire us with the innovative ways they use HydroWorx products for recovery, healing, and improving well-being. We love sharing these stories on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn, so to see more successful journeys, be sure to follow us on social media if you’re not already! 3 ways aquatic therapy can be used for […]

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Treating Osteoarthritis using Hydrotherapy

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Osteoarthritis is the most common form of arthritis and it impacts millions of people throughout the world. This form of arthritis primarily affects the aging population. A major symptom of the condition is pain that is caused by the breakdown of protective cartilage in joints such as the hips, knees, hands and spine. Several research […]

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Aquatic Wellness for the New Year

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The new year is well underway and many of you and/or your clients have created fitness goals. While everyone’s goals are different, aquatic exercise can provide a boost for many fitness goals. For example, if the goal is simply to get in more steps, but movement is difficult because of dealing with chronic pain, warm […]

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To the Moon and Back

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To become a physical therapist, she traveled 10,020 miles round-trip for 7 years. Her partner stole from her as a new business owner. She’s pioneering aquatic therapy in Central O’ahu. Her name is Julie Moon and in 2004, she started Moon Physical Therapy, determined to provide cutting edge care for her patients and hopefully never […]

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Aquatic HIIT: Increasing Fitness at Any Level

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While High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is often used in training high level athletes, it has been shown to provide benefits for individuals at any age or fitness level. Why? In short, these workouts provide health benefits while saving time. Bursts of intense training sandwiched between short rest periods, repeated for 15 minutes or so […]

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Senior Wellness: Water Workouts this Winter

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It’s cold outside! Some places around the country even boast ice and snow—not a very conducive environment for seniors looking for a safe cardio workout to strengthen stability and stamina. Why not say goodbye to the cold and snow this winter and say hello to a warm water workout? Many clients around the country have […]

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Thank You for Another Year of Inspiration!

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Thank you for another year filled with inspiration. We are so thankful to you, our customers and partners who continue to inspire us. Another year of your support has moved us closer to our goal of impacting 50,000 lives each day; we are currently at 30,600! In honor of this holiday season, we’d like to share a […]

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Aquatic Therapy Buoys Cancer Patients’ Spirits, Bodies

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Consistent, moderate exercise has been shown to be a critical element for those about to undergo, and those undergoing, cancer treatments. According to the National Comprehensive Cancer Network, staying physically active throughout radiation, chemotherapy and surgical procedures helps reduce treatment-related fatigue, increases flexibility and strength, improves movement, and controls weight gain and loss. Request a […]

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Hydrotherapy in Action for Moon Physical Therapy in Hawaii

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The following blog post has been summarized from the recent article, “The Latest in Hydrotherapy,”  by Rasa Fournier on page 34 of Midweek Newspaper published in Hawaii, August 31, 2016. Julie Moon, licensed physical therapist and owner of Moon Physical Therapy in Honolulu, Hawaii, was recently interviewed about how she is using the HydroWorx 350 to […]

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