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3 #FeelGoodFriday Stories of Healing with Hydrotherapy

3 #FeelGoodFriday Stories of Healing with Hydrotherapy

Our customers always inspire us with the innovative ways they use HydroWorx products for recovery, healing, and improving well-being.

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3 ways aquatic therapy can be used for healing

Aquatic therapy for functional movement

@keepmovingforward on Instagram

Keep Moving Forward, Inc. uses aquatic therapy to facilitate balance, and improve muscle strength and endurance for functional movement. Check out these resources for more on stability and balance:

Aquatic therapy for ACL recovery

Capitals on Instagram
@Capitals on Instagram

An east coast professional hockey team uses an underwater treadmill as part of an ACL recovery program for one of their players. Learn more about aquatic therapy and ACL recovery:

Aquatic therapy for neurological conditions

@thegratefulpt on Instagram

Spero Rehab uses underwater treadmill technology to help patients with exercises and movements to improve balance, coordination, and progress gait for neuro rehab. Here are some helpful resources for more about hydrotherapy and neurological conditions: