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Best Equipment for Hydrotherapy — Freestanding Underwater Treadmills

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Let us step into a new era of rehabilitation and fitness with the best equipment for hydrotherapy — freestanding underwater treadmills. It’s a water treadmill for humans that provides exercise and a novel approach to healing and recovery.  The therapeutic aquatic treadmill market is growing as more people learn about this option. Research shows that […]

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Choosing the Right Freestanding Treadmill Pool

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Choosing the Right Freestanding Treadmill Pool The demand for therapeutic aquatic treadmills is growing, and clinicians face the challenge of choosing the right freestanding treadmill pool. With so many uses and advantages, choosing the best underwater treadmill for therapy and athletics is essential. HydroWorx — a trailblazer in hydrotherapy solutions — has a keen understanding […]

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Rising Trends for Physical Therapy in 2024

| Posted in: Physical Therapy

As we step into 2024, we will see a few exciting health care industry trends — more specifically, trends in physical therapy. These shifts present various opportunities to physical therapists in the space, alongside associated care professionals like primary care physicians. The top trends include advancements in physical therapy technology and the continued adoption of aquatic therapy. Knowing the future of physical […]

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Hydrotherapy for Winter Fitness 

| Posted in: Osteoarthritis, Senior Living Communities, Aquatic Conditioning, Aquatic Therapy, Physical Therapy

Winter can be a difficult time of year for those who suffer from arthritis, have limited mobility, or are at risk of falling to stay active. Hydrotherapy has emerged as a solution to support this patient population.

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Facility Spotlight: Making Hydrotherapy Accessible to All at FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Centers Lincoln

| Posted in: Facility Spotlight, Physical Therapy

Eric Bjorkman, PT, CO, Owner, General Manager, and Clinical Director, shares his team’s journey as they modernized their aquatic therapy offerings. 

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The Secret to Improving Mobility in Aging Patients: HydroTherapy

| Posted in: Senior Living Communities, Physical Therapy, Rehabilitation Tips

Hydrotherapy isn’t just for rehabilitation—it’s a key to unlocking mobility and improved quality of life for seniors. As we age, maintaining our ability to move becomes increasingly important. Shocking statistics from The National Library of Medicine reveal that approximately 35% of seniors grapple with mobility issues that affect their daily lives. Furthermore, the CDC reports […]

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Making Waves from Rehabilitation to Recovery: Aquatic Therapy is a Versatile Modality for a Wide Patient Population

| Posted in: Athletic Training, Guest Bloggers, Physical Therapy, Rehabilitation Tips

Have you heard aquatic therapy is only for walking and running? Or, perhaps you’ve heard aquatic therapy is just for athletes? The truth is, aquatic therapy is a versatile treatment option that provides value for a wide range of conditions and patients.

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The Best Investment for Better Patient Outcomes: Advice from Dan Lorenz, DPT, PT, ATC, LAT, CSCS

| Posted in: Aquatic Therapy, Physical Therapy

“If I had a blank check for a facility I would put in a pool with a treadmill.” – Dan Lorenz, sports medicine director at LMH Health If you had a blank check for your new clinic or athletic facility, what would be at the top of your wish list? What would make the biggest […]

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Starting An Aquatic Therapy Program: Q&A With Rock Valley PT

| Posted in: Featured, Facility Spotlight, Aquatic Therapy, Physical Therapy

What are the pros and cons of offering aquatic therapy off-site vs in-house? How can a clinic use aquatic therapy to increase revenue? Which aquatic therapy pool is best for clinics? Rock Valley Physical Therapy in Davenport, IA set out to answer these questions as they began their aquatic therapy program, which proved to be […]

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Facility Spotlight: The Orthopedic & Sports Medicine Institute

| Posted in: Facility Spotlight, Athletic Training, Physical Therapy, Sports Medicine Resources

Finding ways to set themselves apart from competitors is critical for any clinic in today’s competitive landscape. The Orthopedic & Sports Medicine Institute saw a significant positive impact on their clinic after offering aquatic therapy for only a few months. Weldon Russo, PT, OT, and OSMI director shared, “From a purely financial standpoint, OSMI is able […]

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