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How To Boost Profit Margin with Aquatic Therapy

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For wellness, recreational and physical therapy centers looking to increase profit margin and their client base, adding aquatic therapy to your facility seems like the perfect thing to do. ‘But how do I know it will be a worthwhile investment? How can I increase our facilities profit margin?’ These are the questions that Executive Director […]

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How To Pack the Waiting Room of Your Physical Therapy Clinic

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When you are opening your own physical therapy clinic, packing your waiting room with patients is always a concern.  To obtain a competitive advantage, you’ve already made the decision to include aquatic therapy in your facility design, now you just need to make everyone in the surrounding areas aware of the new service you’re offering […]

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"I'm More Flexible and Do Things Longer Than on Land!" — Penny, HydroWorx Fan

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“Ugggh… my back is killing me!”

Who among us over the age of 18 hasn’t said that at least once? Back pain is definitely a problem, but for the majority of people, it’s one that goes away sooner or later.

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HydroWorx Pool Best Practices: 4 Key Steps to Aquatic Success

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Angee Neish, formerly the Director of, Kansas Joint and Spine Aquatic Rehabilitation Center in Wichita, has no shortage of patients. In fact, their facility has gained such a strong reputation that they frequently find themselves turning away new clients.

HydroWorx visited Kansas Joint & Spine to hear how they’ve used their HydroWorx pools to help their business thrive and expand. As Neish explained, she implements four steps to aquatic success:

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