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Physical Therapy

Still Looking for a New Year’s Resolution? Start An Aquatic Wellness Program.

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As we enter into a new year, you may find that new business opportunities lie with the health and wellness of your local community. A key factor in whether or not to introduce any health and wellness program in your clinic rests with the interest among clients within your community. As community members actively seek […]

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Defining Your Aquatics Referral Sources for Success

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Every physical therapy clinic owner understands that referrals are essential for a thriving aquatics program. Knowing this isn’t enough to encourage referrers to send patients your way. Instead, it takes forethought and planning to make it simple, convenient and rewarding for referral sources to put their trust – and their clients’ outcomes – in your […]

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The Benefits of Aquatic Circuit Training

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Hydrotherapy is an effective means of recovery and rehabilitation, but it can also strengthen muscles and the cardiovascular system. For athletes, runners, dancers and performers, strength training is critical. Aqua circuit training provides the same benefits as land-based training, often with less equipment and a wider variety of exercises. Water provides resistance and allows athletes […]

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Tradition Senior Living Celebrates Openings of Physical Therapy Centers

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We are always excited when we can showcase grand openings of aquatic therapy facilities that will help the public heal, exercise and improve their lives. Tradition Senior Living, a continuing care senior living community based in Dallas, Texas, has expanded their campus offerings to include a vibrant, high-tech physical therapy component. In addition to other […]

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Facility Spotlight: Select Physical Therapy

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Select Physical Therapy is part of the Select Medical Outpatient Division, a nationally prominent, locally driven provider of outpatient physical rehabilitation. At their Dillsburg, PA center, patients have access to a HydroWorx 500 Series pool, which has proven to play an integral role in the rehabilitation process. Bryan Hoyt, a physical therapist, explains three key […]

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Kansas Hospital Makes HydroWorx History With 300 Series Installation

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One Kansas hospital’s outpatient rehabilitation facility has now taken the honor of being the first in its state to offer clients the innovative aquatic rehab and exercise modality, the HydroWorx 300. Mercy Health for Life brought this new piece of revolutionary equipment to its center and is looking forward to introducing patients in the area to […]

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Getting Short-Stay Patients Better and Home Faster With Water

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Short-stay rehab patients who require surgery due to injury, or have to undergo an operation because of a medical condition, generally have three major concerns: Post-Op Recovery Speed. No one wants to spend a lot of time recovering – they are ready to get back to their normal daily lives quickly. The faster a person […]

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8 Patient Benefits of the HydroWorx Pool at Saluda Nursing Center in South Carolina

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Anyone who works with the senior population knows that clientele who are in their 60s and older encounter numerous health and social challenges. Seniors regularly face balance issues, post-surgical recovery, limited mobility, daily discomfort (from arthritis, osteoporosis, etc.) and stroke recovery. At the same time, they want to be able to stay as independent as possible, […]

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Innovative Ways Of Incorporating Aquatic Therapy Into Functional Rehab

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Protocols For Various Rehabilitation Progressions The Jacksonville Jaguars and their associate athletic trainer, Rod Scott, have a HydroWorx 2000 Series and 1200 Series pool, both featuring a fully adjustable pool floor. This feature has become a very critical component of the rehabilitation protocols because it allows Scott and his staff to treat athletes of varying […]

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On-Demand Webinar Gives Insight on Innovative Co-Treatment of Rett Syndrome in an Aquatic Environment

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Innovation is truly the key when it comes to working with patients who have unique conditions, including Rett Syndrome. Rett Syndrome is an often-misdiagnosed neurological disorder that mostly affects girls and causes a number of increasingly-challenging symptoms, including a period of developmental delay that usually starts at between 6-18 months of age. One group of […]

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