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Kansas Hospital Makes HydroWorx History With 300 Series Installation

Kansas Hospital Makes HydroWorx History With 300 Series Installation

One Kansas hospital’s outpatient rehabilitation facility has now taken the honor of being the first in its state to offer clients the innovative aquatic rehab and exercise modality, the HydroWorx 300. Mercy Health for Life brought this new piece of revolutionary equipment to its center and is looking forward to introducing patients in the area to the benefits of aquatic therapy and workouts in a water-based environment.

Why Purchase A HydroWorx 300?

Mercy Health for Life joins such well-known Kansas institutions as Kansas State University and the Kansas City Chiefs, organizations that also have HydroWorx equipment installed. Mercy’s leaders raised funds to purchase the HydroWorx 300 unit for a number of reasons.

It takes up little real estate

As a device, the HydroWorx 300 has a small footprint. This means it can be maneuvered through most doorways and can be situated in even modestly-sized rooms.

It’s construction-free

Because it’s a standalone unit, it requires no extra construction to install it. For organizations such as Mercy, that equates to having to spend less time waiting for the equipment, as well as less money spent to get a world-class aquatics program up and running.

It offers versatility for all users

One huge advantage to this unit is that, like most HydroWorx equipment, it’s accessible to all users, from children to seniors. This accessibility even includes patients and clients who are wheelchair-bound or have similar mobility issues. Virtually anyone can get in the HydroWorx 300 for a workout or a physical therapy session.

It fills up with warm water for each patient

Thanks to its design, it can be filled to a different level for each person. After the session ends, the water simply drains away. Many patients enjoy having such individualized water-depth options, and physical therapists appreciate the control over the level of the water.

It has an integrated underwater treadmill floor

The treadmill at Mercy Health for Life is part of the HydroWorx 300 itself. By operating just a few buttons, it can increase to speeds that allow for running. Plus, high-powered (and controllable) jets add resistance.

Mercy Health & HydroWorx

Mercy Health for Life and their clientele will be the beneficiaries of Mercy’s forward-thinking attitude toward the future of physical therapy in the healthcare marketplace.

We are excited to add Mercy Health for Life to our growing list of clients and can’t wait to see the amazing things they will do.


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