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Facility Spotlight: Making Hydrotherapy Accessible to All at FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Centers Lincoln

Facility Spotlight: Making Hydrotherapy Accessible to All at FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Centers Lincoln

In the heart of Lincoln, NE a dynamic transformation is underway at FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Centers. Eric Bjorkman, PT, CO, Owner, General Manager, and Clinical Director, shares his team’s journey as they modernized their aquatic therapy offerings. 

Making Hydrotherapy More Accessible

Dr. Bjorkman shares that the team recently acquired a clinic with an existing above-ground pool. The FYZICAL team was primarily using hydrotherapy for patients with arthritis, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, orthopedic rehabilitation, and general weakness. Therefore, the steps required for patient entry were a problem. Patients in rehabilitation programs had difficulty entering and exiting the pool with the stairs. Exiting the pool after a session presented safety concerns since patients couldn’t dry off until they descended the steps. Moreover, it was very difficult for therapists to demonstrate exercises poolside with an above-ground pool.

“The pool was dated, and the liner was leaking, prompting the realization that an upgrade was necessary for our patients.” 

Eric Bjorkman, PT, CO

Aquatic therapy was a major draw for both patients in rehabilitation and wellness programs so the team knew that aquatic therapy was something they wanted to continue offering, but they needed a hydrotherapy solution that fit their space, and patient needs better. Ultimately the team decided to swap out their above-ground pool for the versatile HydroWorx EVO. The freestanding unit provided easier patient access without the safety risk of stairs.

Downsizing from a 7’x14’ Endless Pool freed up significant space in the clinic and has given therapists more flexibility with their aquatic therapy treatments. The team can now adjust water heights and treadmill speeds based on patient needs. The glass construction of the HydroWorx EVO gives therapists the ability to monitor and demonstrate exercises more easily. 

Hydrotherapy Helps Patient with Chronic Low Back Pain and Fibromyalgia Take Major Strides

Dr. Bjorkman shares a success story of a patient suffering from chronic low back pain and fibromyalgia. She had no interest in using the old pool, fearing the steps required to get in and out of the pool. When the team brought in the HydroWorx EVO she was more comfortable with the entry and exit process.

Her typical treatment prior to aquatic therapy included her walking to the nearest low mat table and tolerating up to 30 minutes of supine and sitting exercises with multiple rest breaks. The first time she entered the EVO she walked on the treadmill and performed standing exercises for 40 minutes. She was shocked to hear that she’d completed her session already, and was standing no less.

“She was astounded that she exercised for 40 minutes! Over the past 4 weeks, she has continued to progress her intensity in the pool and reports her ability to walk in the community has improved from walking to the mailbox to shopping at the grocery store all without having to use a motorized cart.”

Eric Bjorkman, PT, CO

Space-Efficient Aquatic Therapy Allows FYZICAL to Prepare for Growth

The team in Lincoln decided to replace their above-ground pool with two HydroWorx EVO units. On average the team is setting 30 patients per week for hydrotherapy–and growing. Eric shares, “While one unit would cover our current patient load, it would not allow for growth of both therapy and wellness use of our pools. We also have couples who come together for therapy/wellness in the pool and this accommodates those patients. As we continue to market our aquatic therapy, and specifically our Hydroworx EVOs, we are getting great response from referral sources.”

Clinicians at FYZICAL have discovered that the HydroWorx EVO, despite its smaller footprint, in fact, enhances versatility. This advantage has empowered the therapists to bring more creativity to therapy sessions.

Charting a Path Forward with the HydroWorx EVO

Dr. Bjorkman’s team plans to continue growing their aquatic therapy practice with their two EVO units and as they grow into new locations they anticipate adding freestanding HydroWorx units. The team has found aquatic therapy to be a critical practice differentiator. 

Planning for hydrotherapy services is easy with the HydroWorx freestanding units because they don’t take up much space, they don’t require big construction projects, and the price point and ease of delivery and installation through an existing doorway makes aquatic therapy attainable in almost any clinic space.

“The best part is that both our clinicians and patients LOVE it!”

Eric Bjorkman, PT, CO

Thanks to Dr. Bjorkman for sharing his story. If you’re ready to get started implementing an aquatic therapy program contact us today.


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