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Choosing the Right Freestanding Treadmill Pool

Choosing the Right Freestanding Treadmill Pool

Choosing the Right Freestanding Treadmill Pool

The demand for therapeutic aquatic treadmills is growing, and clinicians face the challenge of choosing the right freestanding treadmill pool. With so many uses and advantages, choosing the best underwater treadmill for therapy and athletics is essential.

HydroWorx — a trailblazer in hydrotherapy solutions — has a keen understanding of hydrotherapy equipment and tools in this evolving market. With our range of freestanding underwater treadmills, we compiled this guide to help you determine which model best suits your facility and patients’ needs. 

This guide aims to help clinicians and facility directors make well-informed selections so they can purchase the best underwater treadmill for their facility and customers.

What Are Freestanding Treadmill Pools?

A state-of-the-art development in hydrotherapy, freestanding treadmill pools combine the advantages of aquatic therapy with the familiarity of treadmills. 

These freestanding units consist of a treadmill submerged in a chamber filled with water. Underwater treadmills allow users to use water’s supportive and therapeutic qualities while walking, jogging or running on a treadmill.

Their freestanding architecture helps them flexibly integrate into different settings, making them suitable for various facilities. These treadmill pools can cater to individualized therapy needs with their adjustable resistance and speed settings. 

Utilizing the principles of buoyancy, the underwater treadmill lessens joint impact and offers a low-impact environment for fitness and rehabilitation. This creative approach provides clinicians, physicians and facility directors with a versatile tool for patient-focused care, meeting various clinical needs.

Benefits of Underwater Treadmills in Hydrotherapy

Carefully consider the specific advantages that each freestanding treadmill pool offers when choosing the best one for your establishment. These pools offer numerous benefits tailored to meet the requirements of both patients and clinicians:

Joint and Muscle Relaxation

First and foremost, freestanding treadmill pools are excellent at promoting muscular and joint relaxation. Because of its buoyancy, water is a great option for people with orthopedic difficulties because it lessens joint strain. 

Patients undergoing rehabilitation would especially benefit from this, as it helps them perform low-impact exercise without putting unnecessary strain on their joints.

Cardiovascular Stamina

Another important advantage of freestanding treadmill pools is that they help with cardiovascular health and stamina. These water-based platforms provide an adaptable way for patients to perform cardiovascular workouts. This unique workout can improve heart health and endurance. 

Every session is more successful in increasing cardiovascular fitness levels because the water’s resistance creates an additional degree of effort. Using this feature, clinicians can create specialized rehabilitation plans considering musculoskeletal and cardiovascular issues.

Muscle Strengthening

When compared to conventional land-based treadmills, freestanding treadmill pools can provide more muscular strengthening. A greater variety of muscle areas are activated by the resistance offered by water, which encourages all-around strength development. 

In particular, underwater treadmills provide resistance in all directions, resulting in a more well-rounded and efficient workout. Because of this, they are a vital tool in rehabilitation settings, enabling patients to regain their strength in its entirety.


Apart from its beneficial effects on joints and muscles, freestanding treadmill pools can also improve flexibility. People are encouraged to participate in complete range of motion exercises because the resistance of the water encourages fluid and coordinated motions. This helps restore flexibility and joint mobility, which is especially beneficial for rehabilitation.

We have only covered the tip of the iceberg. Underwater treadmills offer many other benefits, from improving balance to overcoming obesity. 

HydroWorx Underwater Treadmill Pools

HydroWorx offers a diverse range of freestanding treadmill pools, each intended to meet particular fitness and therapeutic requirements. Our underwater treadmill equipment provides clinicians, doctors and facility directors with a range of possibilities, from the small and adaptable HydroWorx 300 Series to the cutting-edge technology of the HydroWorx 2000 Series. 

By knowing the differences between these models, practitioners can choose the HydroWorx freestanding treadmill pool that best suits their particular needs.

HydroWorx 200

Compact hydrotherapy design at its finest, the HydroWorx 200 is engineered for rehabilitation. This underwater treadmill is perfect for limited spaces because it can fit through a regular 36-inch door and only takes up 100 square feet. 

This option has various therapeutically effective features, including an underwater treadmill with variable speed, adjustable water depth capabilities and a resistance jet to help with sports performance training, rehabilitation and water therapy.

The HydroWorx 200 is designed to support deep tissue massage, sport-specific activities and gait training. It is ideal for various settings, including health care, senior living and outpatient rehab. It can quickly start hydrotherapy sessions after filling up with water in 3.5 minutes, providing the advantages of land movement without putting strain on joints.

The HydroWorx 200 has a small footprint and a modular design. As such, small physical therapy facilities, senior living communities and outpatient rehab centers find it to be the best option due to its affordability, space efficiency and quick setup time. 

HydroWorx 300

The HydroWorx 300 Series sets the standard for freestanding underwater treadmills and offers the restorative benefits of warm water therapy. This option is equipped with features that increase its efficacy.

Some of these features include a variable-speed underwater treadmill with a cushioned low-impact design, adjustable water depth ranging from 1 inch to 50 inches and a resistance jet with a therapeutic massage hose. 

Designed for convenient upright hydrotherapy, the HydroWorx 300 accommodates different types of users, making it one of the best treadmills for underwater therapy. Patients benefit from running on land without putting undue strain on their joints and muscles because of its compact form. Treatment sessions may be completed quickly and effectively thanks to the tempered glass case, which fills with water in three minutes.

With additional features like underwater cameras and pediatric handrails, the HydroWorx 300 Series caters to users of all ages and abilities. Its outward opening door makes access simple, and the temperature control helps with functional therapy to enhance circulation, relaxation and pain relief.

This adaptable hydrotherapy system can be used in various settings, including health care, senior living, veterans’ rehabilitation centers and sports facilities. Its uses can include geriatric care, sports medicine, physical therapy, injury prevention and hydrotherapy for various medical ailments.

HydroWorx 350

The HydroWorx 350 is the ultimate construction-free hydrotherapy option. Designed to be as adaptable as possible, it provides a large interior with jet power that exceeds that of the HydroWorx 300.

The HydroWorx 350 also has a small footprint that fits through a regular 36-inch doorway. With a variable speed surface that extends 7 inches farther than its predecessor, this underwater treadmill allows users to easily complete sport-specific exercises and gait training at speeds between 0.2 and 10 mph. 

With a depth range of 1 inch to 56 inches, the water may be adjusted to create custom challenges and a smooth transition from the water to the land. The HydroWorx 350 has a resistance jet that is 40% stronger and improves strength, flexibility and conditioning. Together with a therapeutic massage hose, the resistance jet’s several water speeds and directional configurations provide even more therapeutic effects. 

The HydroWorx 350 is the best water treadmill for athletes, setting new standards in aquatic therapy innovation. The sports, health care and military industries can greatly benefit from the HydroWorx 350’s features. These industries can help with physical therapy, sports medicine, injury prevention and hydrotherapy for diverse medical conditions.

HydroWorx RISE

The HydroWorx RISE treadmill is the pinnacle of hydrotherapy accessibility and versatility. The RISE is a small space accessibility solution that can be shipped in up to three separate parts for the most convenient delivery and installation possible. Most notably, it doesn’t need a separate water storage tank.

The HydroWorx RISE has several notable features, including:

  • A foldable seat
  • A resistance jet
  • Front and side handrails
  • A 5-foot deep tissue massage hose

With speeds ranging from 0.2 to 6 mph, the underwater treadmill technology can provide flexible hydrotherapy sessions.

The RISE offers a foyer entry door that can be positioned on the side or back of the unit, making it suitable for various settings such as health care, senior housing and outpatient rehab. 

HydroWorx ECO

Being only 30 square feet in size and easily fitting through a typical 36-inch door, the HydroWorx ECO stands out for its small footprint. Designed to fit into limited spaces in existing facilities, the ECO provides a cost-effective option without sacrificing functionality or efficacy.

The HydroWorx ECO has several notable features and advantages. These features include an underwater treadmill with variable speed, a cushioned, low-impact design, a changeable water depth and a self-contained design that doesn’t require any extra equipment.

It can be used in various facilities, including:

  • Hospitals
  • Wellness centers
  • Athletic training facilities
  • Senior living communities
  • Physical therapy facilities
  • Sports medical institutes

With its sealed entryway and easy-to-use design, the HydroWorx ECO ensures quick entry and exit without requiring steps or ladders. Within 1.5 minutes, the underwater treadmill chamber fills quickly, allowing rehabilitation sessions to begin right away. Clinicians can also easily control the aqua-therapy jets and water levels with a touch-screen control panel, creating a personalized environment for patient improvement.

The HydroWorx ECO excels at providing low-impact, high-efficiency workouts — whether it’s for aquatic therapy or fitness training. It provides a safe and adaptable water-based modality for anything from strength training to cardiovascular endurance. The ECO also promotes improved gait patterns, restored balance and improved circulation.

Choosing the Right Underwater Treadmill for Your Facility

When selecting the right freestanding treadmill pool, consider various factors to make a well-informed decision tailored to unique facility and patient requirements.

Buoyancy and Water Depth

The ability to fine-tune buoyancy is essential to the underwater treadmill experience. Look for a treadmill that lets users customize the intensity with adjustable water levels. This function ensures a flexible and personalized workout environment by accommodating a range of fitness levels and physical factors.

Construction and Durability

Look into the materials used in the treadmill’s construction, and invest in durability. Choose materials that can endure continuous exposure to water to prevent corrosion. Furthermore, look for treadmills with a sturdy structure and non-slip surface, as these features add to their durability, safety and security.

Speed and Resistance

Underwater exercises require customization. To help users begin at a comfortable pace and progressively increase the intensity, get a treadmill with adjustable speed settings. A training regimen can be made more versatile and effective by including variable resistance settings that improve muscular engagement.

Control Panel and User Interface

Choose an underwater treadmill pool with a built-in control panel and user interface. Give top priority to an intuitive user interface with transparent data like time and performance. Users should be able to change settings easily without interfering with the sessions. 

Design and Portability

Take into account the available space when selecting a treadmill. Will a dedicated space be created for underwater treadmill sessions, or is there an existing area? If there’s an existing space, be sure to choose a model that will fit within the area set aside. 

Noise Level

Ensure the treadmill sessions remain peaceful by choosing a treadmill with a low noise level and little water disruption. A splash-proof construction can also encourage quieter sessions without excessive noise interruptions.

Safety Features

Put safety first by adding features like non-slip surfaces, safety handles and emergency stop buttons. Ensure the treadmill complies with safety standards to prevent accidents during sessions.

Maintenance Requirements

Think about the maintenance requirements for sustained longevity. Select models with corrosion-resistant components, easily cleaned surfaces and accessible sections for regular maintenance. Simple maintenance requirements create a hassle-free maintenance and cleaning routine.

After considering these things, facility managers ought to be able to select a treadmill with confidence that suits their demands and preferences. Ensure your choice is well-rounded and beneficial to your facility and patients by taking the time to investigate several models, read reviews and test the equipment.

Making Waves in Hydrotherapy

Now that you understand the critical factors — from buoyancy and construction to speed controls and noise level — that influence this important choice, you can select equipment with clarity and direction.

If you’re ready to choose, invest in HydroWorx for the best freestanding underwater treadmill experience available. Feel free to explore our hydrotherapy equipment and technology. 

Contact us online today for further information or to get started.


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