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How Hydrotherapy Can Reduce Burnout for Physical Therapists

How Hydrotherapy Can Reduce Burnout for Physical Therapists

What if you could free up the schedules of your clinic’s physical therapists every day?

According to a recent study by WebPT, “1 out of 3 rehab therapy professionals describe themselves as burnt out.”

High patient loads are a large contributing factor to the burnout that physical therapists feel on a regular basis. At times, sessions even require multiple therapists for one patient, causing even greater demand.

“Before we had the HydroWorx EVO, we often rely on a lot of staff, quite honestly, to help facilitate in ambulating an individual patient,” shares Doug Benson, PT, DPT in a video posted on Instagram by Neilsen Rehabilitation.

The HydroWorx EVO makes it possible for patients to simulate normal walking with less or without any assistance at all, which can free up time for multiple therapists.

“If someone has hemiparesis, a lot of times we’ll have two, maybe three individuals to help facilitate the walking,” shares Benson, “especially if we’re wanting to create normal or as close to normal gait kinematics as possible.”

Patients are able to use handrails that surround the EVO’s interior as they enter, exit, and while walking. The underwater treadmill starts out slow, at just 0.2mph, allowing the patient to gain confidence as they make progress.

Benson goes on to explain that the EVO allows their team to reduce manpower needed during patient sessions and boosts patient confidence and success.

“Every patient that I’ve had in there has loved it!” says Doug.

Not only do patients love hydrotherapy, our customers continually see increased ROI, referrals, and improved outcomes.

See the EVO in Action

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