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Design Trends for Athletic Hydrotherapy Rooms

Design Trends for Athletic Hydrotherapy Rooms

Over the last 25 years, we’ve helped hundreds of athletic facilities create the hydrotherapy rooms of their dreams. It is amazing to see that, no matter the aesthetic, our underwater treadmills and plunge pools look stunning in any environment.

What’s new in hydrotherapy room designs for sports facilities?

5 Hydrotherapy Room Design Trends In Athletic Facilities:

Wood Accents

Whether walls, ceiling, or floor, wood accents have a luxurious tone and bring contrast to traditional tile.

Stone Walls

Incorporating stone into an athletic facility reinforces the feeling of strength throughout a team.

Side-by-Side Plunges

Hot and cold water therapy helps treat and prevent injuries, keeping players at maximum performance and available all season.

Team Logo Branding

This is a timeless trend that works for any style space, whether back-lit, raised, painted, or tiled.

Glass Walls

Glass walls create the feeling of a designated space without feeling separated from the rest of your facility.

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