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Aquatic Therapy Program Planning: Start With These 3 Steps

Aquatic Therapy Program Planning: Start With These 3 Steps

When introducing a new program or service at your clinic, it is important to develop the larger vision first and then make a plan for all the details. Here are three resources to help you get started with creating the big picture.

Step 1: What relationships will you need to develop to support your program?

Learn how to implement the principles of Educate, Market, Include and Utilize, to help you develop the relationships you’ll need now and will need in the future to strengthen your business and enhance the client experience.

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Step 2: Who will be your best clients?

Success looks different for everyone, therefore we have compiled some great tips and information that can help you create your own unique success plan when it comes to purchasing an aquatic therapy pool for physical therapy clinics, hospitals, sports medicine training facilities, and spas.

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Step 3: How will your potential clients find out about your program?

In order to successfully launch an aquatic program, marketing is a key piece to your success. Your strategy should create brand awareness, promote pool utilization, build doctor and self-referrals, and provide general aquatic knowledge.

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