A Business Plan for Success: 4 Opportunities for Generating Revenue

A Business Plan for Success: 4 Opportunities for Generating Revenue

ki pt cmykCommitting to a big purchase can be an overwhelming decision. Wouldn’t it be helpful if someone could provide a roadmap for your success before you committed?

Success looks different for everyone, therefore we have compiled some great tips and information that can help you create your own unique success plan when it comes to purchasing an aquatic therapy pool for your physical therapy clinic, hospital, sports medicine training facility or spa.

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The key for a successful aquatic program is to structure it in a way that your pool is being used to its maximum potential at all times. Often, the initial reason for purchasing an aquatic therapy pool is to offer an additional treatment method for patients, clients and athletes. Truly, though, there are a multitude of additional ways a specialized pool can be used and it’s important to think outside the box when it comes to maximizing the pool usage.

Strategies For Generating Additional Revenue With Hydrotherapy

While it is possible and even probable to fill your pool time daily with insurance billable rehabilitation hours, there are always more ways to generate additional revenue from a technologically advanced therapy pool. Here are four different ways to expand your  offerings and generate additional revenue for your business:

Physical Therapy

HydroWorx pools enable patients to begin physical therapy much sooner than with conventional rehabilitation techniques. Using the multitude of features of the pool, physical therapy can be billed a few different ways to maximize your billable hours in the pool.

Personal Training and Boot Camps

Either during rehab downtimes or after hours, you can open the pool up to the community and offer a HydroWorx session within a personal training or boot camp program. This opens up a cash-pay opportunity to maximize the use of the pool, while also increasing presence in your community. This can reap dividends for the future as well.

Sports Performance

Athletes at all levels can benefit from sport-specific HydroWorx training, but the key is to tailor the aquatics program to each athlete’s particular sport. Consider reaching out to local high school or college teams to offer access to the pool for team strength and conditioning on a regular basis. Or find a local running club for additional cash-pay revenue.

Spa Treatments

Services such as Watsu or Ai Chi are becoming increasingly popular as the unique properties of water continue to prove healing. These programs may be provided as an effective alternative to your main aquatics program to maximize the treatment potential of a HydroWorx pool.

Private Pay Wellness Treatments

Massage therapy in the HydroWorx pool can be used to treat chronic pain, joint replacements and other ailments. These sessions can be offered a la carte for those needing additional treatment.

Generate Revenue With HydroWorx

This list is just to jumpstart your thinking about additional ways you can generate some revenue and goodwill in your community. Contact us today for help generating additional revenue for your facility.


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