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Cold Water Immersion Therapy

Cold Water Immersion Therapy

Has someone ever suggested cold water therapy to improve your wellness? Cold water may sound unappealing but offers many health benefits when used correctly. Cold water immersion therapy can provide relief for several chronic conditions and improve your general well-being. This blog will cover the basics of cold immersion therapy and how to do it properly.

What Is Cold Water Immersion Therapy?

Cold immersion therapy is a health practice that consists of spending time in water that’s 58 degrees Fahrenheit or colder. The low temperatures promote natural healing and offer pain relief for chronic conditions. This technique has become more popular over the last few years, but it has existed for centuries.

When you enter the cold water, your blood vessels contract to push more blood to your organs and provide additional nutrients and oxygen. As you exit the water and your body temperature rises, your blood vessels dilate, draw blood away from your organs and remove waste products. 

Benefits of Cold Water Therapy

Now that you understand how cold immersion therapy works, we can dive into the benefits of this popular practice.

Pain Reduction

Cold immersion therapy offers short- and long-term pain relief. Chilly water can effectively reduce inflammation at the injury site, causing pain to subside. Cold water also blocks nerve cells that trigger pain signals.


Athletes commonly participate in cold immersion therapy to recover from sports injuries or painful muscles. Cold water combats muscle soreness after a strenuous workout by constricting blood vessels and reducing inflammation and swelling.

Improved Mood

It may be surprising to learn that cold water can boost your mood — after all, few people enjoy sitting in cold water. However, immersing your body in cold water increases the hormone dopamine, which makes you feel good.

How to Do Cold Water Immersion Therapy

There are a few practical ways to engage in cold immersion therapy, such as:

  • Ice baths: Add ice to your bath water until the temperature reaches 50-59 degrees Fahrenheit, and relax in the water for about 10 minutes. 
  • Cold showers: Although icy baths are more effective, cold showers are convenient and offer a quick mood booster for the day.
Try cold water therapy

Give Cold Water Therapy a Try!

Cold water immersion offers many benefits, but it is crucial to limit your time in the frigid temperatures to only a few minutes. HydroWorx values the powerful healing properties of water and educates people on how to benefit from them. Contact us for more information on aquatic wellness pools for cold water therapy. 


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