Webinar Recap: Balance Training for Older Adults

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A day after we hosted the webinar, “Balance Training with Aquatic Therapy for the Older Adult CNN published an article, “Aging gracefully: Preventing falls.” The timing seems almost perfect. While research continues to show the importance of exercise for aging adults, it also has benefits for preventing falls.  From the article, “Preventing falls, which requires a […]

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HydroWorx Debuts Smallest Product for Aquatic Therapy

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We are committed to more than just making the finest aquatic therapy equipment on the planet. We realize that over 30,000 people use our products every day in 50 states and many countries — and we take that responsibility seriously. Our mission at HydroWorx is to reach 50,000 lives each day with our technology. And in order […]

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Cutting Edge Pediatric Therapy Brings Hope and Healing to Children with Special Needs

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Kate and Joe Lundgren knew they had to do something. In the late 1990s, both of their beautiful baby boys had been diagnosed with Autism. Trenton with Asperger’s Syndrome and Spencer, Pervasive Developmental Disorder-Not Otherwise Specified (PDD-NOS). Kate, a seasoned occupational therapist, and husband Joe dove in. They began learning about their sons’ diagnoses, the […]

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Facility Spotlight: Tri-City Wellness & Fitness Center

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Eighty-seven miles south of Los Angeles lies a picturesque seaside community called Carlsbad, California. It stretches over seven miles of San Diego County’s Pacific coast. They average a winter temp of 65 degrees and in the summer, it climbs to a Garden-of-Eden-feel of around 75. If you are fortunate enough to live in the Carlsbad […]

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Minnesota Vikings New Performance Center

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The following blog post has been summarized from the recent article on, “1st Look at TCO’s Enhanced Locker, Training and Weight Rooms.” More space. Upgraded amenities. Taking care of athletes. This is a common story among college and professional teams alike, and finally the Minnesota Vikings are getting their long awaited new state-of-the-art facility. […]

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Webinar Recap: Upper Body Rehabilitation

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A few weeks ago, we hosted a great webinar from Barry Lippman at Coastal Carolina University in Conway, SC on upper body rehabilitation. In this webinar, Barry provided great framework for upper body rehabilitation based on his use of their HydroWorx 750 Series pool along with plunge pools. Watch the entire webinar here>> The key […]

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“Mom, It Feels Like I Can Walk Again”: Jackie Lithgow’s Progress With Water

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After Bloomsburg University student Jackie Lithgow’s devastating traumatic brain injury (TBI) in 2014, he was left without so much. He couldn’t walk. He couldn’t talk. More than anything, he couldn’t continue the life of an average college student. Yet there was something important he could do with the help of his family: Persevere. In the […]

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Spring Training Prep for the Regular Season with Aquatic Therapy

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Ah, spring! When fans and players head out to the diamond for another year of America’s game. As spring training ends, players and athletic trainers alike know it’s called “training” for a reason. It’s a time to get ready, mentally and physically, for the grind of the season, which begins today. We caught up with several […]

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Remember the Fundamentals: Jayhawks’ Philosophy on Court and in Water

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In this year of true madness in college basketball, as one highly-ranked team after another falls to Cinderella, the University of Kansas was one of two number one seeds left. As the Jayhawks play in the Midwest Regional in Omaha tonight, 100 miles north of the Kansas border, “Rock Chalk, Jayhawk!” will be loud! Sticking to […]

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Winter Athletes Taken Care of at Fortius

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Winter athletes do some crazy stuff, right? One hundred and eighty feet of slopestyle air, freeriding 96 MPH down an icy mountain, and g-forces so strong you can’t raise your head? Broken wrists. Broken legs. Smashed ribs. That’s pretty much the norm. Yet top winter athletes somehow find the moxie to rehab, then hop back […]

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