The Impact of Aquatics on Distance Running Webinar On-Demand

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Last month, we hosted a webinar titled, “The Impact of Aquatics on Distance Running.” In this webinar, Pete Julian, Assistant Coach of the Oregon Project Running Team, presented the various ways that he and the coaching staff use water in their athletes’ regular training programs. The Oregon Project was created as a way to get Americans back on […]

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Increase Energy Levels With Aquatic Therapy

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Summer time and warmer weather typically mean more outdoor activities. For older adults with mobility and balance issues, this can cause a great deal of difficulty. Outdoor gardening, walking, golfing and other activities are often more appealing as the weather warms up, however they require more strength and stability than we give credit.  One way to build muscle strength […]

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Effectively Addressing Issues Related to Lack of Mobility for Seniors

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One of the realities of working with a population of seniors is that the majority of them will face mobility issues.  For some, the lack of mobility is temporary, as in the case of a client who is returning from surgery. Yet others have permanent mobility concerns that can be mitigated, but are unlikely to […]

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5 Cool Facts to Keep in Mind While Watching the NHL Playoffs

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Hockey fans, we are down the final four teams! Every player is keenly aware that his moves on the ice could make or break his chances to hoist the Stanley Cup high into the air. As you settle in with your beverage of choice and watch the countdown to the ultimate winner of the 2016 […]

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Multiple Trauma and Traumatic Brain Injury Case Study

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Steve was in a horrific accident about a year ago. He and his girlfriend were on their motorcycle, stopped at a red light behind a pickup truck when a drunk driver missed the stop and pinned them against the truck in front of them. His girlfriend was killed at the scene. Steve was severely injured including a traumatic brain […]

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Webinar Discussing Aquatic Training Programs for Healthy Athletes Available On Demand

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Last month, we hosted a webinar titled, “Aquatic Training Programs for Healthy Athletes.” In this webinar, Murphy Grant, MS, LAT, PES, Assistant Athletic Director- Sports Medicine and Head Football Athletic Trainer at University of Kansas, located in Lawrence, KS presented about how he utilizes aquatics whenever he can to boost the abilities of his healthy athletes as […]

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Meet Chuck, A HydroWorx Hero

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We know you don’t take the word “hero” lightly.  Neither do we.  To us, a hero is someone who overcomes great odds, perseveres in the face of challenges and gives hope to everyone who hears his story.  In other words, a person like Chuck. Chuck regularly exercises his lower and upper extremities in the HydroWorx […]

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Increase Medicare Revenue with Aquatic Therapy

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The following blog post has been summarized from the recent article, “Expanding Medicare With Aquatic Therapy,” written by David Panteleakos, administrator for Westview Health Care Center in Dayville, CT and published on December 17, 2015 online for Provider Magazine. Senior-focused health care centers such as skilled nursing centers must continue to grow and expand their revenue in this increasingly competitive market. When […]

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Early Post-Op Aquatic Therapy Can Be Key to Avoiding Psychological Barriers to Recovery

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Every physical therapist will admit that there is a psychological component to patient success when it comes to returning to activity after surgery. Patients with a positive outlook and experience will exhibit more willingness to push themselves than those who have a pessimistic approach to physical and occupational therapy. One of the main barriers to […]

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Torn Hamstring Case Study

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Robert (Bob) Bowles, age 71, is the Administrator at Saluda Nursing Center in Saluda, SC. Bob is a University of South Carolina alumnus and during a tour of their athletic facilities Bob discovered the HydroWorx 2000 Series pool.  He immediately saw the potential impact it could have for his residents and decided to implement the same technology in […]

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