How the UFC is Using Hydrotherapy for Training Elite Athletes

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Seventeen years ago, with one room, a desk and a phone, Dana White started a small business in the Nevada dessert.  He was led by his passion for Mixed Martial Arts—the extreme combat sport in which contestants use wrestling, boxing, kickboxing, judo and karate to bring an opponent into submission. What White named the “Ultimate […]

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Mercy Fort Scott Uses the Versatility of the Underwater Treadmill

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Mercy Health for Life has been up and running with their new HydroWorx 300 for approximately one month. The response they have seen to the underwater treadmill has been amazing. Their program consists of physical therapy patients who can benefit from aquatic therapy, as well as fitness members who are able to use the underwater treadmill as […]

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HydroWorx Athletes Summer Recap

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HydroWorx was honored to have a number of elite athletes, who have used our products for training, rehabilitation and recovery, represent their respective countries in Rio. We proudly cheered them on in early August and continue to do so as they compete elsewhere. In case you missed the live events, here is a recap of how […]

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Men’s Field Hockey Hamstring Strain Case Study

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The Canadian Men’s Field Hockey Team (Red Caribou) was looking for a comeback this year after missing previous games. Despite dealing with massive funding cuts, the team persevered and made their run. They trained with Nick Held at Fortius Sport and Health Centre in Vancouver, BC and spent some time doing conditioning and recovery work in the […]

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Research Shows Underwater Treadmill Running Provides Option to Maintain or Improve Fitness Levels

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One of the biggest challenges when an athlete is injured is to maintain fitness levels so that when the athlete is cleared to play they aren’t starting from square one to get back into game shape. A research study entitled “Metabolic-Cost Comparison Between Submaximal Land and Aquatic Treadmill Exercise” from the University of Iowa shows that underwater treadmill […]

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Introducing the NEW HydroWorx 350

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If you’ve been keeping up with HydroWorx news in the past 6 months, you may have noticed that we recently introduced the HydroWorx 300, making water therapy and performance now available to any facility. The 35″ x 80″ unit easily fits through a 36″ door and can be installed virtually anywhere, making it ideal for physical […]

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Upcoming Webinar: Addressing Potential Misconceptions about Training with Aquatics

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The benefits of aquatic therapy are becoming increasingly widely accepted. However, there are still some commonly held beliefs about the limitations of the use of aquatics, especially for athletic training and sports performance. Join us May 14, 2015 from 1:00pm to 2:00pm EDT for the free webinar, “Addressing Potential Misconceptions about Training with Aquatics.” Lance Walker, PT, CSCS, Global […]

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5 Reasons Underwater Treadmill Running Outperforms Land

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Running underwater differs from land running in many ways. Studies have shown than aquatic running outperforms land running because it provides many of the same results as land running, but with even more benefit. The natural properties of water offer benefits unmatched on land. Benefits of Running Underwater Reduced risk of injury The buoyancy of the water can […]

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The Value of Water for a Collegiate Distance Runner

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In a collegiate setting, hydrotherapy is often used for the football, baseball and basketball players. At the University of Kansas in Lawrence, KS, even the cross country and track and field teams use hydrotherapy almost daily to help transition runners with musculoskeletal injuries back to full running. Zach Sanchez, ATC, works with the men’s and women’s cross country teams […]

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3 Reasons You Should Add Water to Your Training Regimen

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Water makes up approximately 70% of the earth and two-thirds of the human body. It has properties that are essential for life, but how does that translate to running? Water itself has many natural properties that can be extremely beneficial to athletes of all stages. Here are just a few of the benefits It is low […]

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