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Aquatics and Whole-Person Wellness: A Perfect Fit

Aquatics and Whole-Person Wellness: A Perfect Fit

Jan Montague, President of Whole Person Wellness International, presented at an exclusive after hour event during the LeadingAge Conference in Denver, CO. Her passionate and energetic presentation was titled, “Aquatics and Whole-Person Wellness: A Perfect Fit”, where she discussed her model of whole-person wellness and her belief that warm water pools can greatly enhance wellness programs for residents.

The Whole Person Wellness Model

Whole Person Wellness Model

This model is used to demonstrate how complex it is to get people to take action and take the next step toward a healthier lifestyle, because of the many facets that must be addressed. The most important idea to note with this model is the importance of recognizing that we are all multi-dimension and complex beings.

As an example, if a patient were to break their hip, it affects them on more than just the physical level. Every dimension (from the model) of their ‘being’ has been impacted by that broken hip. Therefore as therapists and clinicians, it is important to be very intentional on how to go about healing all of those dimensions.

Jan describes each dimension of personal wellness and how to successfully integrate warm water aquatic therapy into this model of wellness. A main priority is to have residents wake up each day and enjoy their life. Essentially, having their ‘whole-self be well’.  When residents have this positive outlook, participation in wellness programs increases.

Removing All Barriers

The first and major objective is to remove any and all barriers. Three of the most common barriers for the senior living community are pain, fear of falling, and chronic conditions. The HydroWorx warm water pool eliminates these barriers for residents and enables them to be active in a comfortable pain-free environment. Walking on the underwater treadmill removes the risk and fear of falling and allows them to walk for extended periods of time; something they never could have imagined doing on land, especially if they use walkers or are in wheelchairs.

The Value of Pre-hab

Jan continues to discuss the value of physical and aquatic therapy prior to surgery, or ‘pre-hab’, in order for residents to gain a head start on the other end of their surgery. The more active they are prior to undergoing surgery, the easier it will be for them to get back into their physical therapy or aquatic therapy programs post-surgery.

I have two knee replacements, a hip replacement and degenerative disk disease.  I am not able to walk very well and it is difficult for me to stand up straight.  Well… then they get this darn treadmill in the water.  I started walking on this thing and found I could stand up straight while walking, I can even jog – who would have thought that was possible.  I feel better, I can actually exercise and my friends tell me I am actually standing up straighter.  I think it is great.

Jim S.

Watch The Full Presentation

Watch and see the whole presentation from Jan Montague herself and learn why aquatic therapy can fit perfectly into your whole person wellness model.


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