Meet The People Behind The Passion: Satyn Dennison-Ober

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Supporting the health of others is one of Satyn’s greatest core values. In fact, she is so passionate about it, that she has devoted much of her career journey to the community’s wellbeing. Prior to HydroWorx, Satyn worked in the healthcare industry assisting patients with navigating their health benefits. She ensured that each person received […]

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Rehabilitation, Mental Health, and Hydrotherapy

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Mental health has become a hot topic in the athletic industry from K-12 schools all the way through professional leagues. Athletic Trainers have an incredible opportunity to support athletes’ mental health every day. When athletes are injured, they face challenges that are beyond their physical wounds. How Rehabilitation Can Impact Mental Health  Fear of re-injury […]

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Hydrotherapy Rehabilitation Success Stories

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In recognition of National Rehabilitation Week, we’re highlighting a few inspiring hydrotherapy rehabilitation stories from our customers. When Aaron first came to hydrotherapy for his cerebral palsy and scoliosis, he wasn’t able to perform exercises by himself. Throughout his journey, he gained the ability to engage his hips and core, stand up straight, and walk […]

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Most healthcare facilities care about helping their patients improve. Many will even invest in new programming or equipment if they believe it will help drive results for patients. Spine and Joint Associates in Mishawaka, IN is no exception. In fact, their impressive facility offers many modalities in order to provide optimal service to their clients. […]

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Aquatic Therapy Program Planning: Start With These 3 Steps

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When introducing a new program or service at your clinic, it is important to develop the larger vision first and then make a plan for all the details. Here are three resources to help you get started with creating the big picture. Step 1: What relationships will you need to develop to support your program? […]

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Aquatic Therapy Exercises for Lower Body Injuries [4 Program Examples]

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Curious to know what an aquatic therapy session actually looks like? Wondering which exercises are used for different conditions? In this article, we’re giving you a behind-the-scenes look at four different aquatic therapy sessions for these lower body injuries: Torn hamstring ACL, MCL, or meniscus Tears Total knee repair Achilles tendon repair Aquatic Therapy Exercises […]

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Meet the People Behind the Passion: Dave Stufflet and Christina O’Donnell

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Innovation has always been, and still remains, a common theme throughout HydroWorx’s company history.  Our first underwater treadmill prototype was developed in the late 1990’s when the concept of aquatic therapy rehabilitation was very new. Most sports and medical facilities were apprehensive to take a chance with an unfamiliar method and technology.  Fast forward to […]

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How to Get Started With Aquatic Therapy: Our 5 Best Resources

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Are you at the beginning stages of your journey with aquatic therapy? Researching to find out how you can successfully implement a hydrotherapy program for your patients or athletes? We’ve become a bit of an expert in addressing questions, concerns, and curiosities that Physical Therapists and Athletic Trainers typically have as they are in this […]

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3 #FeelGoodFriday Stories of Healing with Hydrotherapy

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Our customers always inspire us with the innovative ways they use HydroWorx products for recovery, healing, and improving well-being. We love sharing these stories on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn, so to see more successful journeys, be sure to follow us on social media if you’re not already! 3 ways aquatic therapy can be used for […]

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World Brain Day 2022: How Aquatic Therapy Is Reducing The Burden Of Brain Disorders

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World Brain Day, coordinated by the World Federation of Neurology and recognized on Friday, July 22, sets out to “share information about brain health and spark a universal effort that brings awareness to the prevalence of:  brain disorders the brain’s vital role in humanity, and  how we can reduce the burden of brain disorders on the world.” […]

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