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Adjustable Floor & Depth

HydroWorx therapy pools and underwater treadmills allow customers to manipulate the pools’ depth easily. As a result, every individual who steps on the treadmill surface can create a personalized environment for themselves. This flexibility allows clinicians to unload their patients’ body weight onto the treadmill in strategic ways for each stage of their fitness program.

Zero Depth Access and Infinite Unloading Options (2000 & 1200 Series Pools)

With the HydroWorx 2000 and 1200 series pools offer floors that are fully adjustable in height. The adjustable floor allows individuals to stand or sit on the treadmill while it is flush with the pool’s edge before they’re lowered into the water. The pool depth can reach 6 feet within 30 seconds.

As such, a therapist can strategically unload 20-100% of a patient’s weight by lowering or raising the treadmill and manipulating the water depth. HydroWorx underwater treadmills can accommodate whatever unloading option works best for the patient, given their fitness and mobility levels.

Multiple Water Depth (3500, 750 & 500)

When helping patients of varying weight-bearing status, giving both patients equal attention without added chaos can be challenging. HydroWorx pools with multiple water depths enable clinicians to easily do so. Patients can stand on the pool’s large raised rear platform for additional body-weight loading — permitting greater flexibility in rehabilitation and performance activities.

Variable Water Depth Option (available with the Technology Package upgrade on select models)

A touch of a button on the remote control activates the variable water depth reservoir tank. When this optional system is activated, it can manipulate up to 8 inches of water to attain pool depths ranging from 4 feet 6 inches to 6 feet 3 inches.

If the pool also features a deep well option, you can attain even lower depths. The varying depths permit clinicians further control over different weight-bearing levels during each pool session.

Why HydroWorx?

HydroWorx has been providing therapy pools with underwater treadmills at adjustable water depths since 1998. Professionals in diverse industries — healthcare, sports, senior living and military facilities — have turned to HydroWorx for our innovative designs and proven health benefits.

We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. Rather, our range of product offerings gives professionals the flexibility to choose the pool that will serve their clients best.

HydroWorx Benefits

Here are some benefits of HydroWorx aquatic therapy pools with underwater treadmills:

  • Promotes early range of motion: For patients rehabilitating from an injury or procedure, aqua therapy pools with underwater treadmills provide a safe environment to begin range-of-motion exercises early in their recovery.
  • Features a low-impact environment: If patients needing gait training are concerned about falls, underwater treadmills in a pool with adjustable depths can ease such concerns.
  • Improves proprioception: Strong proprioception is essential for balance and ease of movement. It’s also something that improves with regular movement. For many patients, regular movement isn’t an option without significant assistance. Our pools and treadmills allow such patients to improve their proprioception with minimal resistance and risks.
  • Reduces pain: As clinicians know, pain and stiffness abound when we remain stationary for prolonged periods. Since some patients suffer from restricted mobility, pain and stiffness are normal but unfortunate aspects of their life. HydroWorx pools and underwater treadmills give patients an opportunity to experience life with less pain through practical exercise options.
  • Improves cardiac function: Like proprioception and pain thresholds, cardiac function improves with regular movement. Thus, individuals with restricted mobility have reduced opportunities to improve cardiac function. HydroWorx pools function to help such individuals improve their heart health.
  • Increases flexibility: Whether a patient is recovering from an injury or surgery or dealing with chronic restricted mobility, stretching to increase flexibility can involve many risks. Pools with adjustable depths enable such individuals to perform flexibility exercises in a safer environment.
  • Improves circulation: Strong circulation is essential for the entire body to function correctly, especially if you’re recovering from an injury. Exercise helps improve circulation. However, exercise poses many risks and challenges if you’re recovering from an injury. In such cases, aqua therapy in an innovative pool setting can help patients maintain good circulation as they recover.
  • Helps heal and strengthen injured tissue: Aquatherapy has proven to reduce rehabilitation times for many patients by healing and strengthening injured tissue faster than on-land training.

How Are Our Customers Using Adjustable Floors?


The flexibility of HydroWorx pools — added to their long list of sophisticated features — makes them ideal for many clinical environments. All across the country, you’ll find HydroWorx pools in diverse facilities, including:

  • Hospitals and physical therapy clinics — Adjustable floor technology makes HydroWorx pools great for patients with mobility issues. Our pools are used in some of the country’s leading hospitals and rehab centers, including the University of Colorado Hospital in Aurora, one of the U.S. News & World Report’s “100 Best Hospitals” in the United States.
  • Senior living communities — Continuing care retirement communities and skilled nursing facilities that invest in a HydroWorx pool see almost immediate gains in their residents’ health and overall energy levels. Regular exercise also has emotional benefits, as older adults gain extra mobility and independence. Our pool’s sinking floors aid accessibility and allow clinicians to adjust the resistance to a suitable level for each patient.
  • Athletic training facilities — At the high school, college and professional levels, HydroWorx pools are helping elite athletes train safer and recover faster from injuries. Our pools are used by the Philadelphia Flyers, New York Mets, Ohio State University and many other prominent athletic organizations.

Engineered Solutions For All Industries

At HydroWorx, we don’t throw around claims about our products lightly. The benefits of a HydroWorx pool with an adjustable pool floor are supported by a larger body of clinical research than any other therapy pool on the market. You’ll find over 100 case studies made by actual practicing clinicians like you in our video library alone.

Additionally, Texas A&M and Utah State University researchers have completed multiple peer-reviewed studies. Their results support claims that aquatic therapy and training with a HydroWorx pool promotes significantly improved patient outcomes compared to land-based training.

Designed by Professionals, For Professionals

Our investment in research is just one part of the HydroWorx difference. All our products are designed and tested by fitness and rehab professionals — and have incorporated features, such as adjustable pool floors, that allow clinicians the flexibility to develop therapy and training programs tailored to their client’s needs.

There’s a reason why HydroWorx has remained the premier supplier of aqua therapy equipment. Contact us today for your free informational DVD outlining the full benefits of our products and learn how you can enjoy a HydroWorx pool for as little as $899 a month.

Designed by pros for pros