6 Steps to Getting Started with Aquatics

6 Steps to Getting Started with Aquatics

clear_3Does the process of starting an aquatics program at your clinic or facility seem overwhelming? Are you concerned that putting in a therapy pool is a complicated process that doesn’t seem worth it? These are valid questions that many people face when considering aquatics for their facility.

We’d like to remove some of the concerns and breakdown what the process of implementing an aquatic therapy pool looks like.

  1. Understanding the benefits of aquatic therapy. It is important to understand the amazing benefits of water for the people you treat or would like to treat. Only once the benefits of aquatic therapy are clear and obvious, will you and your team understand the “why” behind this process.
  2. Finding a pool that fits your needs. Identifying your goals and potential treatment opportunities will help to identify the type of pool that is right for what you need. A few things to consider are: size, water temperature, customer needs and available technology to enhance treatment.
  3. Calculating your potential profit. Helping people is why you do what you do, but realizing a return on investment is a close second in importance. It is beneficial to understand how it is possible to make money from aquatic therapy and important to plan how to make that happen.
  4. Designing your pool room. Understanding how the pool fits into your current or future space can help to identify any potential problems or costs that may not have been noticed earlier.
  5. Delivering and installing the pool. Once a pool is purchased, it is important to coordinate with any contractors, architects or engineers involved in the project to ensure delivery and installation are smooth.
  6. Implementing an aquatics program. Installing a pool is just the beginning. In order to be successful, it is important to be prepared with a well trained staff, a marketing plan and some enthusiasm.

When done well, implementing a well thought out aquatics program can be a key differentiator for your facility and help many people in your community.

We have many resources available for each step of this process. You can find more information about how HydroWorx can make these steps easier at our website: https://www.hydroworx.com/getting-started/

If you are still trying to understand how aquatic therapy can benefit your clients, download our “Who Benefits from Aquatic Therapy” tipsheet here>>

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