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Water Therapy Boosts 68-Year-Old Patient’s Recovery from Surgeries

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To see more about the 68-year-old Birchhaven patient whose HydroWorx pool water therapy results took her from walking with a cane to walking on her own, click on the video below!

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Antonio Valencia “Tortured” by HydroWorx Underwater Treadmill

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HydroWorx Plays Part in Underwater Treadmill “Torture” of Antonio Valencia When Manchester United winger Antonio Valencia fractured his left ankle in September, no one expected him to make a comeback before mid-February.  But thanks in great part to intense physical therapy sessions on a HydroWorx underwater treadmill, the star is likely to return to the […]

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December’s Aquatic Therapy News Bulletin

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12/22/10 If you are involved in the Eldercare, Assisted Living, and Retirement community markets, please feel free to check out our Eldercare email archive where you can find the latest promotional information and testimonials on our products. Eldercare Email Archive If you are a Physical Therapist, please feel free to check out our Physical Therapy […]

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Statistics say that female athletes are several times more likely to tear their ACL (the ligament that connects the tibia to the femur) than are their male counterparts.

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Aquatic Therapy for Hamstring Injuries

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For athletes, a grade II hamstring tear means two things:

1. It’s time to start resting and then rehabilitating the torn muscle.

2. The sooner the hamstring heals, the faster the individual can get back in the action.

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Walking Cane-Free in a HydroWorx Pool

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Jean didn’t just undergo one back surgery… she underwent three of them. She also suffers from arthritis and walks with a cane.

But when Jean is in the HydroWorx pool at the Pieters Family Life Center, Henrietta, NY, she can enjoy mobility and freedom that simply isn’t possible on land.

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Expanding Your Clientele: Marketing Ideas from Tony Pazzaglia

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In today’s economy, staying profitable involves remaining ahead of the curve. For PT practitioners, this means getting creative with marketing to grow your practice. While healthcare is widely cited as one of the strongest and fastest-growing sectors in the American economy, it’s also one of the most competitive. If you run a smaller private physical […]

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Q&A with the Director of Wellness at Summit Place Senior Living Campus

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We had the chance to sit down with Christine Shidla, Director of Wellness at Summit Place Senior Living Campus, to ask some key questions about how she utilizes their HydroWorx 2000 Series pool How Do You Bill For Your Pool? All of our business is private pay and is charged as an amenity for our […]

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WSPT Struts Its Stuff at Wellness Expo

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Community Newspaper Group (CNG) WSPT Struts Its Stuff at Wellness ExpoBy Patrick Rocchio Working out should offer something for everyone, many believe. A local fitness center opened its doors to the community, with that very ethos in mind, on Friday, October 9. Westchester Square Physical Therapy held its second annual Wellness Expo, providing a great […]

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HydroWorx Pool Best Practices: 4 Key Steps to Aquatic Success

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Angee Neish, formerly the Director of, Kansas Joint and Spine Aquatic Rehabilitation Center in Wichita, has no shortage of patients. In fact, their facility has gained such a strong reputation that they frequently find themselves turning away new clients.

HydroWorx visited Kansas Joint & Spine to hear how they’ve used their HydroWorx pools to help their business thrive and expand. As Neish explained, she implements four steps to aquatic success:

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