High School Athlete Uses the Pool for Ankle Injury

High School Athlete Uses the Pool for Ankle Injury

In the fall, Lower Dauphin County football star, Adam sprained his ankle after returning a 90-yard interception for a touch down! Deciding to go for the two point conversion, Adams was ‘rolling out of the pocket’ and stepped too quickly and sprained his ankle, pretty severely. Coming into a critical part of the season, Adam couldn’t wait 2 weeks for his ankle sprain to heal. That is why he decided to use the HydroWorx pool right away.

He got into the HydroWorx L-Series residential pool, one day after the injury to hopefully speed up the recovery time and reduce the swelling. After just three days, Adam no longer needed his crutches, and he says this is because he as able to strengthen his ankle by walking underwater! The pool “really helped me recover from my ankle sprain and it helped the swelling and the bruising” too!

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In order to get back on the playing field faster, he was getting in the pool everyday, using both the massage hose and the underwater treadmill. Adam would walk for about 5 to 10 minutes for a warm up and then make use of the hydro-massage to loosen up the joint and reduce the swelling. After using the massage hose, Adam would get back on the treadmill to walk for a bit more.

This high school athlete was pleased with the results because he was able to get on the practice field just six days after spraining his ankle in a game! After three full days of aquatic therapy  Adam lost the crutches and was able to lightly jog on land!

Why did this work so quickly for Adam compared to strictly land-based rehabilitation for an ankle sprain you might ask?

Decrease Recovery Time

HydroWorx aquatic therapy offers early advantages that land does not:

  • Athletes are able to do exercises in the water that they are not able to do on land because of pain or functional limitations.
  • The non-weight bearing environment eases pressure on joints to move freely and expedite the functional processes of rehab.
  • HydroWorx therapy allows you to intensify the work performed without increasing the risk of pushing the athlete beyond the limits of the rehab progression.
  • Unlike anti-gravity or traditional land running, the hydro-static pressure of water naturally decreases inflammation and increases circulation, never leaving muscle soreness.
  • HydroWorx allows you to easily bridge the athlete from therapy to training.

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