What an Inspiring Comeback Story

What an Inspiring Comeback Story

Whether you are or aren’t a basketball fan or sports fanatic, this story is one that will leave you with chills.

Ryan Kelly, Duke University’s senior basketball forward, had missed 12 games due to a foot injury that kept him on crutches. Kelly was determined to get back on the court before the end of the regular season, a fairly ambitious goal. He was rehabbing and training 7 days a week, in the HydroWorx pool running underwater as well as working on basketball specific movements and land-based weight training, a program put together by head Basketball Athletic Trainer, Jose Fonseca.  Kelly’s attitude and perseverance never wavered throughout the long rehabilitation process.

On my time out, I kind of had the goal obviously every day to get better physically and also to stay in it mentally, everyday, 7 days a week, as long as it took. Throughout the whole process I had the mindset that I wanted to comeback and I wanted to play again.

He was dedicated to his program because he ultimately wanted to make his return at home, on senior night, Tuesday March 5th against Virginia Tech. Well was he able to do it?

He actually beat his goal and came back Saturday March 2nd against Miami and put up very impressive numbers for his first game back. Take a look!


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