Using Hydrotherapy for Daily Recovery

Using Hydrotherapy for Daily Recovery

A few weeks ago, we learned about active recovery and how it is implemented at Micheal Johnson Performance (MJP). Additionally, earlier this week Lance Walker, Director of Performance and Brian Abadie, Performance Specialist, presented the webinar, Use of Aquatics for Recovery and Regeneration, where they spoke more specifically about the benefits of hydrotherapy for active and daily recovery. Don’t worry if you missed the webinar, as you can access it on demand today.

Daily recovery is an essential component of an athletes’ training program. Without intentionally taking time after a workout to recover and rebuild the muscles for the next day’s workout, the athlete is unable to perform at the level desired because their muscle tissue & fibers are broken down.

As Lance Walker says, “Your ability to train is only as good as your ability to recover.”

Regeneration can be done pre and post work. As described by the performance specialists at MJP, prior to training, the athletes will get in the HydroWorx ThermalPlunge pool to prep their muscles for the upcoming workout which helps prevent additional tissue damage throughout their training process. Then athletes will utilize both the Thermal and Polar Plunge pools post workout to expedite the recovery process. Utilizing the plunge pools in this way is a “good sandwich to the meat of the training.”

On a daily basis, athletes utilize the PolarPlunge pool post workout to get ready for their next training day. Additionally there are athletes that have a morning training session and an afternoon session, in which the plunge pools fit perfectly in the middle of the day to reduce inflammation and eliminate some of the by products that have accumulated in the muscles from the morning session. 

Lance Walker has found in his many years in this industry that sometimes science is a few years behind these practices. Therefore he has adopted the philosophy that if a practice ticks the box on the following three questions, then that’s enough evidence for him to continue utilizing the practice:

  1. Is it ethical?
  2. Is it effective?
  3. Is it efficient?

Watch and Learn more about how the performance specialists at Michael Johnson Performance are utilizing aquatics for active and daily recovery.

In case you missed the webinar where Lance and Brian discussed how the use of aquatic therapy can revitalize and amplify athletic performance, you can watch it on demand now.


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