Portable Aquatic Therapy Treadmill Can Be Used with Any Existing Pool

Portable Aquatic Therapy Treadmill Can Be Used with Any Existing Pool

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Portable Aquatic Therapy Treadmill Can Be Used with Any Existing Pool

Middletown, PA-a manufacturer of aquatic therapy treadmills for elite athletics and health care, recently unveiled the HydroWorx 71 and 80 Series—stowable, rollable versions of the company’s treadmills—at the National Athletic Trainers Association trade show in Philadelphia June 23-25.

The 71 and 80 Series treadmills provide the proven health benefits of underwater treadmills (including accelerated surgical recoveries, relief from chronic pain and disease, weight loss, and improved fitness levels) in a fold-up design that rolls through any doorway and can be submerged and rolled into position in an existing pool within 15 minutes.

The new HydroWorx machines can be quickly rolled into place at any underwater location, making them more accessible to schools, community centers and swimming clubs, YMCAs and fitness clubs, hospitals, recreation and rehabilitation centers, and gymnasiums. Any establishment with a pool can now maximize its low-impact rehabilitation and exercise potential.

The HydroWorx design team used small, light, micro-tech hardware in the 71 and 80 Series that allows the fold-ups more mobility than the traditional, self-contained HydroWorx treadmill pools. Despite their small size, these treadmills accelerate to speeds of up to 9 miles per hour.

The 80 Series incorporates the same premium, directional jet system that is found in HydroWorx pools. The only portable underwater treadmills in the world to include this asset in aquatic therapy and exercise, the HydroWorx 80 Series treadmill machines facilitate superior rehabilitation, resistance exercises, swimming-in-place, and deep-tissue massage. The potent jet flow can be adjusted to up to 200 different water speeds and can pinpoint the exact stream location required. It provides progressive resistance for assisted and resistive exercises. Moreover, by directing the concentrated force of water against an individual’s core, a health care or sports professional can create appropriately demanding, resistance-based rehabilitation for his or her patients or athletes.

HydroWorx’s five-foot massage hose can be attached to the jet, enabling scar tissue manipulation, deep-tissue massage, and overall wellness enhancement. Harnessing the force of the water into a focused stream creates a deep, wide band of pressure for therapeutic, subcutaneous penetration and myofascial release.


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