Why do you Love Water?

Why do you Love Water?

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone. In honor of this day of love we wanted to highlight those who have expressed their love of water and aquatic therapy. We would love to hear why you love water too…either comment below or tell us on Facebook!


“But I find that when I’m in the water there’s something about the buoyancy of the water that permits me to stand up straight and to walk standing straight and it feels so damn good to be straight.”- Jim Stallings, user at Life Enriching Communities

 “Its really an invaluable piece of equipment for us and something we use on a daily basis—it can be anywhere from 25-33% of their mileage.  Galen Rupp used the HydroWorx a great amount and we found that in a year he never missed a day of training, either running outside or in the HydroWorx, as a result he never missed a day of running and he had the best year of his life.” – Alberto Salazar, Oregon Project Coach

“You know, we really love running on it.  I think it really builds muscle and it also promotes recovery tremendously.” – Galen Rupp, user and Olympic Silver Medalist

“Adrian Peterson was able to accomplish his goal of playing in our 2012 season opener. This did not happen without hard work, determination and the assistance of many modalities. Adrian was a frequent user of the HydroWorx pool, especially during the early phases of the rehabilitation process. The HydroWorx pool was a huge asset and certainly played a role in Adrian’s safe recovery.”- Eric Sugarman, Head Athletic Trainer at Minnesota Vikings

“When I rolled into that therapy room and  saw that pool there and emotions are flying everywhere… it’s gonna help me I’m gonna get up so much faster now and it’s one of the best feelings in the world.” – Brian Keefer, HydroWorx Home Owner

 “Aquatherapy is one of the greatest therapies that I can have. It’s such a huge feeling of joy that like I’m doing this, I’m standing up, I’m me again.” – Brian Keefer, HydroWorx Home Owner

Exercising freely in a HydroWorx therapy pool.

 “I’ve been in the pool for a couple days off and on, and I can honestly say I feel like I can run forever and I can walk fast. Another thing I really like is the massage hose that I did for… 5 minutes or 6 minutes. When I did that on Monday, it seemed like it was much better.”  – Lon Leone, first time HydroWorx user

“I find it’s more comfortable to walk in the water on a treadmill than it is on a regular treadmill. I really miss it when it’s all full up and it’s not available. And I’ve watched the other people that walk and they usually say they really like it.”- Marty Hussman, user at Life Enriching Communities

“I started out in the HydroWorx at 1.1 mph at 10 minutes and 6 months later I’m up to 4.5 for 35 – 40 minutes.  Not only have I improved, but I have advanced far beyond what I had ever thought I could take my body to… I’m actually jogging for the first time in my life…. It’s taken me further than I have ever dreamed that it could” – Kathy Ellis, user and rheumatoid arthritis sufferer

“I have a piano that I love to play, but I couldn’t keep my fingers on the keys. I in fact played it 45 minutes yesterday without … the HydroWorx pool is fantastic. I would recommend it to anyone for almost anything. You can’t believe how happy I am that I was able to find some means of helping get my strength back.  Being in the HydroWorx pool allowed me to be able to get up from a sitting position. I never dreamed of how much improvement I could make in such a short time.”   Virginia, user at Walnut Ridge, suffers from MS and Parkinson’s

“The water is able to displace up to 75 percent of a person’s weight which aids in creating as pain-free an environment as possible. The pool is the ideal place for these individuals to begin recovery.” – Greg Gilmore, Cox Rehab

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