What is Aquatic Therapy Really All About?

What is Aquatic Therapy Really All About?

Have you ever wondered what aquatic therapy is all about and why we talk about it so much? Well, then this post is for you! Using Aquatic Therapy for ACL tears and injuries.

The web definition for aquatic therapy, is physical therapy that is performed in the water (yes it can be that simple). Aquatic therapy can refer to a number of different activities, but it is essentially therapy conducted in water with the purpose of recovering from injury or improving conditioning. Surprisingly, water therapy is not a recent discovery, rather it has been around since the 5th century. In the 5th century BC Hippocrates first prescribed bathing in spring water to relieve illness and evidence of using water to treat various health issues is found in Egyptian, Japanese, Persian and Roman civilizations. Typically, health and fitness fads come and go (remember Richard Simmons, ThighMaster, Jane Fonda Videos, SuanaSuits, Toning Shoes, Bowflex home gym- you get the picture), but the use of water has remained constant! The reason for its longevity is because, it’s been proven effective.

There are as many methods of aquatic therapy as there are conditions that can be treated with its use.

Benefits of Aquatic Therapy

  • Increasing physical ability without impact
  • Can begin rehabbing sooner
  • Recovery and strength conditioning
  • High intensity workouts without risk of injury or joint strain
  • Enhanced muscle recovery time
  • Safe environment (eliminates fear of falling)
  • Freedom of movement

As you can see, the uses and benefits of warm water therapy are endless. Learn more about the impact aquatic therapy can have on rehabilitation with this one page document.


2 comments on “What is Aquatic Therapy Really All About?”

  1. Thanks for pointing out that aqua therapy can help with strength conditioning, especially after an injury. Despite his knee injury two years ago, my little brother is still quite motivated to go back to playing soccer. Getting his legs back in shape would be a good first step in achieving that.

  2. I never knew that aqua therapy has been around since the 5th century. My muscles have been hurting for days due to exercising; therefore, I’m thinking of trying this type of therapy. I’m glad you shared this because it’s surprising to learn that it can also help increase a person’s physical ability.

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